4-2 Behavioral Adjustments

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  1. Adjustment-
    Changes to fit or bring to harmony.
  2. Analytical-
    Characterized by a method of analysis, a statement of point-by-point examination.
  3. Ardently-
    Eagerly, passionately, intensely.
  4. Compensation-
    Anything given as an equivalent or to make amends; pay.
  5. Denial-
    A refusal to believe or accept; disowning.
  6. Displacement-
    The transfer of emotions about one person or situation to another person or situation.
  7. Intellectualization-
    To employ reasoning to avoid confrontations or stressful situations.
  8. Malinger-
    To pretend illness to escape dealing with a situation or obligation.
  9. Projection-
    A defense mechanism of trying to blame another for one’s own inadequacies.
  10. Rationalization-
    To explain on rational grounds, to devise plausible explanations for one’s acts.
  11. Regression-
    A defense mechanism of retreating to the thoughts and actions of an earlier, “safer,” age.
  12. Repression-
    To force painful ideas or impulses into the subconscious.
  13. Stratagem-
    A trick or deception.
  14. Sublimation-
    To express certain impulses, especially sexual, in constructive, socially acceptable forms.
  15. Suppression-
    The shutdown of kidney function; the absence of urine excretion; in psychology, it is the deliberate exclusion of an idea, desire, or feeling from consciousness.
  16. Unobtrusive-
    Not forced upon others; not thrusted forward or pushed out.
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