6-3 Written Communications

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  1. Adjective-
    A word added to (modifying) a noun to quantify or limit it.
  2. Adverb-
    A word added to (modifying) a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.
  3. Apostrophe-
    A punctuation mark showing the absence of a letter or letters or possession.
  4. Clause-
    Part of a sentence with a subject and a predicate.
  5. Communication-
    The act of communicating; information given; a means of giving information.
  6. Compose-
    To form by putting together, creating.
  7. Congratulations-
    To express pleasure; recognition of accomplishment.
  8. Conjunction-
    Meeting; a word that connects.
  9. Context-
    The part of a written or spoken statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and can clarify its meaning.
  10. Contraction-
    The muscle action of the uterus during labor; in spelling and punctuation, the shortening of a word by the omission of one or more letters, which are replaced with an apostrophe.
  11. Correspondence-
    Communication by the exchange of letters.
  12. Critique-
    A critical examination of a thing or situation, to determine its nature, worth, or conformity to standards.
  13. Denote-
    To indicate, to mean.
  14. Ellipses-
    A mark or series of marks used in writing or printing to indicate an omission, especially of letters or words.
  15. Galley Proofs-
    Printed matter in preliminary form, to be corrected.
  16. Hyphen-
    A punctuation mark used to divide or create compound words.
  17. Interjection-
    A part of speech; an exclamation.
  18. Mailable-
    A standard for judging written correspondence as satisfactory for sending.
  19. Misspelled-
    To spell incorrectly.
  20. Modifies-
    Changes the form or quality of; alters slightly.
  21. Noun-
    The name of anything, such as a person, place, object, occurrence, or state.
  22. Postscript-
    An addition to a letter written after the writer’s name has been signed.
  23. Preposition-
    a word that shows the relationship of an object to some other word in the sentence.
  24. Pronoun-
    a word used instead of a noun, to indicate without naming.
  25. Proofread-
    Reading of printed proofs to discover and correct errors.
  26. Punctuation-
    Standardized marks in written matter to clarify meaning.
  27. Signature-
    A signing of one’s own name.
  28. Stationery-
    Writing materials, especially paper and envelopes.
  29. Thesaurus-
    A treasury of words, quotations, knowledge; a collection of words with their synonyms and antonyms.
  30. Verb-
    The part of speech that expresses an action.
  31. Watermark-
    A marked imprinted on paper that is visible when it is held to the light, usually a sign of quality.
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