6-5 Office Management Equipment

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  1. Acronym-
    A word formed from the initial letters of each major word in a term.
  2. Calculator-
    An electronic or mechanical device for the performance of mathematical computations.
  3. Computer-
    A mechanical, electric, or electronic device that stores numerical or other information and provides logical answers at high speed to questions bearing on that information.
  4. Dictation-
    Spoken words; recorded voice communication.
  5. Electronic-
    Operated by the use of electrons.
  6. Hardware-
    The visible parts of a computer system(keyboard, disk drive, monitor, and printers).
  7. Microfilming-
    Using a machine to put copies of written data such as a patient file into a smaller, storable format.
  8. Photocopy-
    A photographic reproduction of written matter made by a special device.
  9. Software-
    Computer programs necessary for directing the computer hardware to perform specific functions.
  10. Technology-
    the practice of an or all of the applied sciences that have practical value and/or industrial use.
  11. Transcription-
    Writing over from one book or medium into another; typing in full in ordinary letters.
  12. Word Processor-
    A system or machine that produces type-written documents.
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