9-2 Health Care Plans

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  1. Accreditation-
    The assignment of credentials; approval given for meeting established standards.
  2. Annuity-
    A sum of money to be received yearly, either in a lump sum or by installments.
  3. Capitation-
    A structure of payment based on the number served.
  4. Comprehensive-
    Covering all areas; inclusive.
  5. Connotations-
    Something implied or suggested.
  6. Deductible-
    An amount to be paid before insurance will pay.
  7. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) –
    A type of managed care operation that is typically set up as a for-profit corporation with salaried employees.
  8. Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) –
    An account with employer contributions used to pay for medical expenses.
  9. Health Savings Account (HSA) –
    A tax-sheltered savings account, with contributions from the employer and employee, which can be used to pay for medical expenses.
  10. Indemnity-
    To compensate for damage done or loss caused.
  11. Medicaid-
    A government health care program.
  12. Medicare-
    A federal health program for paying certain medical expenses of the aged.
  13. Medigap-
    Refers to situations not covered by Medicare insurance.
  14. Periodic-
    Occurring, appearing, or done again and again, at regular intervals.
  15. Preauthorization-
    Prior approval of insurance coverage and necessity of procedure.
  16. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) –
    An organization of physicians who network together to offer discounts to purchasers of health care insurance.
  17. Premium-
    The amount paid or payable (for example, an insurance policy premium).
  18. Quality Assurance-
    Inclusive policies, procedures, and practices as standards for reliable laboratory results that includes documentation, calibration, and maintenance of all equipment, quality control, proficiency testing, and training.
  19. Restricted-
    Limited; only for a certain group.
  20. Statutory-
    Legally enacted; deriving authority from law.
  21. Supplement-
    Something added; and additional or extra section.
  22. Utilization-
    To put to profitable use.
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