10-1 Safety, Security, and Emergency Plans in the Medical Office

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  1. Assault-
    Physical harm; A violent attack.
  2. Barrier-
    To prevent access; bar passage.
  3. Biohazardous-
    Any material that has been in contact with body fluid and is potentially capable of transmitting disease.
  4. Emergency-
    An unexpected occurrence or situation demanding immediate action.
  5. Environment-
  6. Evacuated-
    To empty, especially the bowels.
  7. Extinguisher-
    A device for putting out fire.
  8. Hazard-
    Danger; risk.
  9. Irrational-
    Lacking the power to reason; senseless.
  10. Precautions-
    Care beforehand; a preventive measure.
  11. Prevention-
    The act of keeping something from coming to pass; to hinder.
  12. Reception-
    One employed to greet telephone callers, visitors, patients, or clients.
  13. Safety-
    Freedom from danger or loss.
  14. Security-
    Freedom from fear or anxiety.
  15. Universal Precautions-
    Steps taken by health care workers to prevent exposure to communicable diseases.
  16. Ventilation-
    Admission and circulation of fresh air; with the lungs, refers to a diagnostic test to determine air exchange and presence of an embolism.
  17. Volatile-
    Easily changed into a gas or tending to change into a vapor; usually considered potentially dangerous.
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