10-4 Employee, Salary, Benefits, and Tax Records

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  1. Accountant-
    One who keeps, audits, and inspects the financial records of individuals or businesses.
  2. Benefits-
    Anything that promotes or enhances well-being.
  3. Bereavement Time-
    Time that an employee can take off when a family member or very close friend dies.
  4. Complementary-
    Something that will add to or make another thing complete or whole.
  5. Deductions-
    To deduct or subtract; remove, take away.
  6. Disability-
    A legal incapacity.
  7. Exemption-
    Freed from or not liable for something to which others are subject.
  8. Fringe (Benefits) -
    Benefits included in or added to the salary paid, such as health insurance, retirement fund, etc.
  9. Gross-
    Exclusive of deductions; total; entire.
  10. Internal Revenue Service-
    The division of the federal government charged with implementing tax laws and collecting taxes.
  11. Longevity-
    A long duration of life; lasting a long time.
  12. Net-
    Remaining after all deductions have been made; to clear as profit.
  13. Productivity-
    The amount of work accomplished in a period of time.
  14. Profit Sharing-
    A system by which employees receive a share of the profits of a business enterprise.
  15. Unemployment-
    The state of being without work; also, a limited federal program to provide some income for those who are without work.
  16. Vested-
    Settled; complete; absolute; continuous.
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