Mark 3 vocab

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  1. ξηραινω
    to dry up, parch, be ripened, withered, to pine
  2. παρατηρεω
    to watch narrowly, to observe
  3. σιωπαω
    to be silent, keep silence, hold one's peace
  4. συλλυπεω
    to be grieved (together with)
  5. πωρωσις
    a hardening, hardness, callousness, insensibility
  6. αποκαθιστημι
    to restore (something to its proper place, health)
  7. συμβουλιον
  8. αναχωρεω
    to go backward, to depart, go away, withdraw
  9. πληθος
    multitude, fullness, crowd
  10. προσκαρτερεω
    persist in adherence, attend constantly to, be at hand (karterew - to endure patiently, be stout)
  11. θλιβω
    to squeeze, press, crowd. To afflict, distress
  12. μαστιξ
    whip, scourge, scourge (or disease)
  13. βροντη
    thunder (appropriate for Brontes)
  14. παρα
    • Gen: from, (οι παρα αυτου - relatives)
    • Dat: with, in, among, 
    • Acc: alongside of, by, near, towards, to, at
  15. σκευος
    vessel, utensil, household items
  16. διαρπαζω
    to plunder, spoil, pillage (...rape?)
  17. ενοχος
    held in, subjected to, liable to, guilty, deserving
  18. κυκλω
    a circle, round about
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