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  1. Difference between html form's GET and POST method attributes and when to use each?
    • GET: queries(not storing)
    • POST: for storing
  2. How does engine knwo how to default to the Home controller's index method?
    start->routeConfig file
  3. What is the default .Net return type for the Home Controller's Index method?
  4. What is the typical instance that ActionResult is known as?
    a view
  5. describe how the footer div works with it's css
    it goes where in the margin that the wrap leaves
  6. is the popup really a popup? explain
    no. it's a layer using css
  7. what is the z-index?
    • css property
    • layered
    • the higher the number the more priority that it will have
  8. What does the # represent?
    • page fragment
    • (this is the specific spot i want to go in this page)
  9. where is the closing x generated in the popup?
    • popup.css
    • .close
    • content:"X";
  10. Describe the layout of the case study
    • 3 projects
    • 2 class libraries
    • 1 website
  11. how many tables are in eStoreDB?
  12. How is the db is accessed at run time by the web site?
    copy <connectionstring> from model project to the web site
  13. what MVC template did we use to create the web project for case 1?
    internet application
  14. what syntax are standard HTML helpers prefixed with?
  15. difference between Ajax enabled form and a regular form?
    Ajax enabled: don't have to send everything back to the server. You are just doing a call to the server
  16. What is the purpose of the UpdateTargetId option on the Ajax form?
    choose what part of the screen we want updated
  17. What is the HTML helper Partial used for?
    returns a partial view(not sending the whole thing back)
  18. what syntax is used to expose a model to a view?
  19. What jquery syntax is required to load a JQuery tab control on a page
    $(#name of element).tabs
  20. What html construct is used to house a jquery tab?
    line item
  21. describe 2 client side validation techniques
    • 1. javascript
    • 2. jquery validator
    • 3. html5
  22. describe 2 server side validation techniques
    • 1. logic
    • 2. database constraints
  23. what html helper is used with dataAnnotation to do server side validation
    validation message
  24. list 4 server side validation attributes
    • required
    • range
    • regex
    • compareAttribute
  25. What .net class was used to populate the list for the drop downs?
  26. How does the CreditCardType property get populated in the CustomerViewModel?
    pass control to the linq query which sets the CCT
  27. how many regex are used in the register process?
  28. Where is the InitializeSimpleMembershipAtribute located by default?
    filters folder
  29. What parameters in the InitializeSimpleMembership method did we change to use our Customer table?
    what table to use and the primary key
  30. Where is the [InitializedSimpleMembership]?
    • on class in Home controller
    • creates membership tables if non-existent
  31. what 2 tables were used when running the WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount
    • WebPages_membership
    • Customers
  32. Where is the original ErrorCodeToString method?
  33. T/F customerModel's Register method does and insert?
    • false
    • does and UPDATE
  34. How does the server distinguish one session from another?
    SessionID from individual users
  35. Which session state provider is used by default
    • InProcess
    • (could use StateServer or DB or your own)
  36. Main advantage of a Session object
    easy to store objects and keep them global
  37. Main disadvantage of the Session Object
    uses a lot of memory on the Server
  38. Which file do you code the 2 event handlers used by Session objects?
  39. what 3 things where placed in the session object
    • customerid
    • status
    • message
  40. what actionResult was returned upon successful login?
  41. What did the OnSuccess parameter call in the Ajax form login screen
    javascript to make the popup go away
  42. What 3 things occur when logout is pressed
    • membership logout method
    • .abandon method
    • redirect back to homepage
  43. What params were passes to the websecurity's login method?
    • username
    • password
  44. What does the session variable "Cart" actually contain?
    array of cart items
  45. what syntax do you use in a view to access a custom html helper?
    • @html.
    • same as regular helper
  46. what 2 params do we send to a custom html helper method
    • html helper class
    • id(which is a string)
  47. name of file u configure bundles with
  48. 2 main types of bundles
    • script files
    • css files
  49. what class creates an unordered list in the catalogue helper?
  50. why use StringBuilder?
    string concatenation is hard on the server
  51. when catalogue is rendered, what kind of html control is the details button?
    anchor or href
  52. What does the browser retuen after pushing addToCart button
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