Qtr 4 Structure Module 3 & 4

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  1. What is the cytology of mucosa?
    Columnar epithelium
  2. What is the function of columnar epithelium?
    • Absorption¬†
    • Secretion
  3. What layer of the GI tract contains lymphocytes and plasma cells?
    Lamina propria
  4. What is the thin layer of smooth muscle that seperates mucosa from submucosa?
    Muscularis Mucosae
  5. What layer of the GI contains tissue made of circular smooth muscle?
    Inner Layer
  6. What is the outer layer of the GI tract comprised of?
    Longitudinal smooth muscle
  7. Where is the myenteric nervous plexus of Auerbach located and type of innervation does it carry?
    • Between the two layers of smooth muscle
    • Parasympathetic
  8. What is the location meissner plexus and what type of innervation does it carry?
    • Submucosal plexus
    • parasympathetic
    • sympathetic
  9. What is the thin layer of connective tissue that is continuous with the parietal paretoneum?
  10. What type of cells line the esophagus and what is their function?
    • Stratified squamous non-kertinized epithelium
    • protects against abrasion
  11. What is the type of gland that contains mucosus, cheif, parietal and endocrine cells?
    Gastric glands
  12. What are the small glandular invaginations between villi in the duodenum?
    crypts of lieberkuhn
  13. What gland secretes mucus and bicarbonate in the duodenum?
    Brunner's or submucosal gland
  14. Where are peyer's patches found?
  15. What part of the GI tract contains the most goblet cells?
  16. What is the blood supply of the common bile duct?
    • Cystic artery
    • gastroduodenal artery
    • R) hepatic artery
  17. what are the surface landmarks for the gallbladder?
    • (R) 9th costal cartilage
    • Lat edge rectus abdominus
  18. What are the two main histological features that distinguish the gallbladder from the intestines?
    • No goblet cells
    • No crypts
  19. What is the function of the gallbladder?
    • storage
    • concentration
    • excretion of bile
  20. What cells of the small intestines secretes cholecystokinin and what is the function?
    • I Cells
    • Gallbladder emptying
    • pancreatic secretions
  21. What ligament attaches the liver to the diaphram?
    Coronary Ligament
  22. What was the ligamentum venosum during fetal life?
    Ductus venosum
  23. What ligament lies between the right and left lobe?
    Falciform (sickle shaped)
  24. What ligament was the umbilical vein during fetal life?
    Ligamentum teres hepatis (round ligament of the liver)
  25. How much of the blood that flows through the liver travels through the portal vein?
  26. What are the boundaries of the omental foramen of winslow?
    • Ant: free boarder lesser omentum
    • Posterior: Inferior Vena Cava
    • Superior: Caudate lobe
    • Inferior: 1st part of duodenum
  27. Why does cholecystitis refer pain to the scapular region?
    • Share similar nerver roots
    • Greater splanchnic arise from T5-T9
    • intrascapular T7-T9
  28. What are the two ligaments of the spleen?
    • Lienorenal ligament
    • Gastrosplenic ligament
  29. What part of the pancreas is retroperitoneal?
    all except the tail
  30. What part of the pancreas is drained by the accessory duct?
    uncinate process
  31. What percent of pancreatic function is exocrine?
  32. What is the main exocrine pancreatic unit?
  33. What part of the pancreas is endocrine?
    Islets of langerhans
  34. What is the function of somatostatin?
    inhibits secretion of insulin and glucagon
  35. What two veins join to form the portal vein?
    • Splenic¬†
    • superior mesenteric
    • Inferior mesenteric joins spenic
  36. What structures make up the portal canal
    • Hepatic artery
    • Hepatic bile duct
    • portal vein
  37. what do d cells secrete?
    • somatostatin¬†
    • VIP
  38. Which of the following does not secrete glucagon: pancreas. stomach, small intestine, CNS?
    All secrete glucagon
  39. What is the embryotic function of the spleen?
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