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  1. Fire inspectors have notification mechanism that keeps them aware of the commercial and business changes in the community through a __ system
  2. Most local agencies have ordinances that provide for issuance of permits in order to
    Monitor special operations and conditions within jurisdiction
  3. Prior to a court case an inspector should do all of the following except:
    reinspect the facility the day before the trail
  4. The standard for the installation of sprinkler systems in residential occupancies up to and including four stories in height is:
    NFPA 13 R
  5. When the local jurisdiction adopts an ordinance requiring an open burning permit the inspector should give special attention to
    What, How, Where  as well as conditions under which the permit is issued
  6. A collection or comilation of rules and reguations enacted by a legislative body to become law in a particular jurisdiction is called a
  7. which of the following is not suggested for courtroom procedure or behavior?
    become argumentative and answer questions you do not know
  8. A legal reprimand/charge for failure to comply with laws or regulations is an
  9. A set of published procedure and criteria that peer , professional or accrediting organizations recognize as acceptable practice
    industry standard
  10. a ___ is a set of principles, protocols or procedures that is developed by committees through a consensus process
  11. As advisers fire inspectors can assist the prosecuting attorney with information about
    Fire ordinances and technical terms
  12. As witnesses in the courtroom fire inspectors should continue their testimony
  13. Completed inspection reports are needed for every inspection because they
    may be used for future code enforcement
  14. Fire inspectors may serve as ___ in the courtroom or as ___ to the prosecutor
    Witness, Advisor
  15. if there is a question regarding the requirements in a code that governs judgment in determining equivalency a fire inspector should
    refer to the codes section on alternative methods
  16. in addition to determining how many people may occupy a building and inspector must determine the number of exits, this is part of
    Load of occupancy
  17. in court fire inspectors should remain impartial and calm never entering into ____ with the attorney for the defendant
  18. in order to require open burning permits a local municipality should
    Adopt an ordinance
  19. in performance based design the acceptance test criteria methods of evaluating data and approval procedures are developed by the
    authority having jurisdiction
  20. in preparation for court the fire inspector should gather all
    pertinent information
  21. in preparation for court the fire inspector should gather all pertinent information except
    inspector time sheets
  22. it is the responsibility of the fir and life safety code ___ to explain the purpose of the proposed code to the ___ council
  23. Part of the permit process includes completing an application and providing documentation include everything except
    A Preplan
  24. Performanced based codes and standards can be defined as
    An engineering approach to fire protection
  25. Performance based codes are difficult to enforce because
    they are dependent upon supporting technical information of engineers and architects
  26. Procedures in various jurisdictions may differ due to the differences in the code enforcement each has adopted these procedures should be
    in detailed written form
  27. The first step in the permit process is the
    occupant contacting the fire inspector and determining whether a permit is needed
  28. the first step in the enforcement procedure would usually be to
    notify the responsible party in written of all violations
  29. The key issue in allowing the fire code to be modified is whether the modification
    will provide equal or greater protection
  30. The major diffrence between a code and a standard is that a code must have ___ provisions to explain how and when the standards are to be applied
  31. The power given to the inspector to modify a fire code is determined by the
    Authority having jurisdiction
  32. Typically a permit is issued for
    a specific time based on the reason for the permit
  33. Under what circumstances will an inspector end up in court
    The property owner exhausted all other means of appeal and still is not satisfied with the outcome
  34. When acting as an advisor during a court case which of the following would not be a inspectors area of responsibility
    criminal law
  35. When an occupant feels that the local jurisdiction has made an improper code interpretation or decision the individual may request a
    Review by the board of appeals
  36. When inspections are completed by a fire inspector they must be aware of all of the following except
    Dress code
  37. When Making an application for a permit additional documentation may be required for submittal which of the following would not be documentation required for a permit
    Hazardous material storage manifest
  38. When taking cases to court the inspector may be placed in a position of fulfilling two roles a ___ and a ___
    advisor, witness
  39. Which NFPA standard deal wit hthe installation of sprinkler system
    NFPA 13
  40. ___ are a way of staying aware of changes in occupancy use or hazardous conditions
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