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  1. If the court does not hold the defendant to answer due to the insufficiency of the evidence, the reporter's transcript is:
    Can be requested by the prosecutor by filing a notice to transcribe notes within 10 days of the hearing.
  2. How is the record made of a criminal grand jury proceeding:
    A stenographic reporter
  3. If an indictment has been found by the grand jury, the reporter shall prepare the transcript within how many days:
    Ten days
    The reporter may, if good cause shown, ask for an extension of time to prepare the grand jury transcript. The time shall not be extended more than 20 days.
    Grand jury transcripts shall not be open to the public until ten days after delivery to the defendant or defendant's attorney.
  6. An indictment or information shall be set aside by the court in which the defendant was arraigned pursuant to Penal Code section 995 upon his or her motion if:
    There is no reasonable or probable cause for the charges.
  7. Every plea must be made:
    • +orally or in writing in open court
    • +shall be entered in the minutes of the court
    • +shall be taken down in shorthand by the official reporter if one is present
  8. Within 60 days after judgment has been pronounced, which documents of the reporter's are sent to the prison or other institution to which the person convicted is delivered:
    the Information
    the following statements apply to a conditional examination of a witness:

    When a material witness is about to leave the state or is so sick to afford reasonable grounds for apprehension that he or she will be unable to attend trial:
    +transcript is produced in the same manner as that or testimony taken in support of an Information
    +the testimony can be videotaped and played at trial in lieu of live testimony
  10. A 1538.5 motion is:
    Motion to suppress evidence or return of property.
  11. An in-camera hearing is one in which:
    Proceedings are held outside the public view
  12. The following procedures are used when deciding if a party has to disclose an informant:
    • +hearing shall be conducted outside the presence of the defendant and defense attorney
    • +a court reporter shall be present
    • +transcript is not produced unless ordered by the court;and if ordered, shall be kept under seal.
  13. The code that governs a court reporter's license is:
    Business and Professions Code.
  14. In order to be entitled to a certificate and the tile of certified shorthand reporter, a person must:
    • +be over 18
    • +must not have committed any acts or crimes constituting grounds for denial of a license.
    • +must satisfactorily pass the examination prescribed by the CRB
  15. Which of the following does NOT meet the requirements to sit for the CSR examination?
    Less than one year of experience making a verbatim record of legal proceeding by machine shorthand.
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