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  1. dementia that gets better but then gets worse?
  2. when do you treat kidney stone as inpatient
    • cant tolerate po
    • one kidney
    • infection
    • renal impairment
  3. a benign lesion that looks like scc
  4. when do you intubate
    • cant maintain an open airway--due to mental status
    • not breathing
  5. components of glasgow coma scale
    • eye 
    • motor response
    • verbal response
  6. most sensitive test for subarachnoid hemmorhage
    lumbar puncture with spectrophotometer
  7. rx for mucomycosis
    amphotericin + surgical debridement
  8. rx for brain infections with anaerobic infections?
  9. rx for esophageal stricture due to gerd
    dilation and ppi
  10. 2 gram negative diplococci
    • neisseria
    • moxarella
  11. acute rx for urinary retention in bph
    long term
    • alpha blocker
    • 5 alpha reductase inhibitor
  12. difference in presentation between cauda equina and lumbar spinal cord compression
    • cauda equina- lmn signs
    • lumbar spinal cord--umn signsl
  13. leukemia with alpha napthyl esterase?
    aml M2
  14. best initial dx for lead poisoning?fi
    most accurate
    • fingerstick test
    • venous lead level
  15. dx of congenital hip dysplasia?
    after for 4 months--xray, before ultrasound
  16. tumor in the back of the nasopharynx
    Juvenile angiofibroma
  17. causes of 
    initial hematuria?
    throughout voiding hematuria
    terminal hematuria
    • urethra damage
    • kidney damage or ureters
    • terminal is bladder pathology
  18. best initial test for virilizing tumors
    serum testosterone and DHEAS
  19. what is residual schizo
    loss of previous psychotic symptoms and now just are odd
  20. difference between allergic vs atopi kertoconjunctivitis
    atopic has visual disturbance

    allergic does not
  21. criteria for brain death
    • absent cortical signs
    • absent brainstem
    • 2 physicians
  22. study of choice for brain tumor
  23. single most effective way to prevent hiv transmission to baby
    drugs before, during labor and after labor
  24. the only congenital heart defect with no pulmonary blood vessels , s2 and left axis deviation
    right ventricle hypetrophy
    tricuspid atresia

  25. rx for fibromuscular dysplasia, renal artery stenosis unilateral or bilateral
  26. dermatomyositis is associated with what cancer?
    ovarian cancer
  27. most effective way of rewarming somebody
    rewarming them with warm water
  28. prophylaxis with hep c
    immunize with hep A and HEP B
  29. diarrhea + brownish discolocation of the colonic mucosa
    laxative induced diarrhea
  30. 2 most effective ways of decreasing sunlight damage
    • wear clothing
    • avoid sun exposure
  31. most common cause of constipation
  32. diarrhea, hyperglycemia rash
  33. symptoms of cystitis + dyspeurunia?
    interstitial cystitis with normal urinalysis
  34. rx for post-ictal lactic acidosis
  35. complete or incomplete mole has 46 chromosomes and no fetal parts
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