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  1. The octets in an IP address correspond to a  Web site address.
  2. All IP addresses are static.
  3. All IP addresses are dynamic.
  4. The www in a URL is part of a domain name.
  5. You must pay for a domain name.
  6. You may use an analog modem even if your phone service is digital.
  7. You must have a digital modem if your telephone system is digital.
  8. Television and data signals are carried over the same cable.
  9. Internet anywhere technology is now considered a standard.
  10. You can use a hotspot for mobile Internet access.
  11. To use portable satellite technology you must take your satellite with you.
  12. You can use a USB port to connect your wireless modem card to your laptop.
  13. Cloud computing is the term given to analyzing cloud patterns and with the help of computer predicting the weather.
  14. FTP is a protocol used by Internet phone companies for free long distance.
  15. P2P file sharing allows users to obtain files from other users on the internet.
  16. Bit-Torrent uses P2P technology.
  17. One of the most common ways of gaining unauthorized access to a network is by looking for open ports.
  18. Accessing Internet mobility is possible with most of today's wired or wireless Internet technologies.
  19. The quality of VoIP calls are independent of the speed of the Internet connection.
  20. Most firewall software is preconfigured to block only unnecessarily open ports targeted by hackers.
  21. constant connection uses a static or dynamic IP address.
    False, always-on.
  22. Downstream speed is the rate of data transmitted from your computer to the Internet.
    False, upstream.
  23. A domain name ends with an extension that indicates its top-level domain.
  24. Mobile Internet access allows you to easily move your device, as in the case of vehicle mounted satellite dishes that can be deployed when the vehicle is parked.
    False, portable.
  25. When transmitting data using ISDN, you use an ISDN terminal modem.
    False, adapter.
  26. Using an AO/DI increases your computer's vulnerability to hackers.
  27. The big bonus of portable WiMAX is that you use the same Internet service provider whether you are at home or on the road.
  28. The speed of the transmission at a hotspot is related to the speed of the wired line that connects it to the internet.
  29. GSM/GPRS phone transmits data at a much slower speed than an EDGE.
  30. Most messaging is based on a client/server technology.
  31. VoIP can automatically direct emergency responders to your location in the case of an emergency.
    False, cannot.
  32. Distributed grids tap into thousands of PC's and Macs with Internet connections whose owners rent their computer's idle hours to a grid processing task.
    False, donate.
  33. In the context of networking, a virus-protector is software or hardware designed to filter out suspicious packets attempting to enter or leave a computer.
    False, firewall.
  34. NATS are intended to work on LANs to monitor and direct packets.
    False, routers.
  35. Setting up a secure VPN is easy.
    False, difficult.
  36. The Internet began with a project called ____.
  37. There are estimated to be more than ____ users of the internet.
    1.5 billion
  38. Network Service Providers include ____.
    • a. AT&T
    • b. Deutsche Telekom
    • c. British Telecom
    • d. all of the above
  39. An ISP may provide ____ services.
    • a. e-mail
    • b. Web server
    • c. instant messaging
    • d. all of the above

  40. The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the internet; the router marked A should belong to an ____.

  41. The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the internet; the router marked B should belong to an ____.

  42. In the accompanying figure, C points to ____.
    the Internet backbone.
  43. An IP address corresponds to a ____.
    network class
  44. An address on the Web is called a ____.
  45. ____ is a valid top-level domain.
  46. Every domain name corresponds to a unique IP address that has been entered into a ____.
    domain name server
  47. Prefixes such as http://, www, and ftp: correspond to ____.
  48. A ____ is described as a virtual device because it is not a physical circuit or mechanism.
  49. You need your own domain name if ____.
    you have your own Web site
  50. Domain names are assigned by ____.
  51. The elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B and back is called ____.
  52. The rate of data that is transmitted from your computer to the internet is ____.
    upstream speed
  53. The rate of data arriving at your computer is ____.
    downstream speed
  54. A fixed Internet connection that uses a voiceband modem and telephone lines is a ____ connection.

  55. In the accompanying figure, the type of signal represented by A is a ____.
    digital signal

  56. In the accompanying figure, the type of signal represented by B is an ____.
    analog signal
  57. Some ISDN providers offer a service called ____ which remains connected to an ISP as the computer and terminal adapter are on.
  58. All of the following EXCEPT ____ are considered high-speed connections.
    • a. ISDN
    • b. DSL
    • c. cable
    • d. all are high-speed
  59. DSL uses ____ to transmit data.
    phone lines
  60. A ____ is a device that connects a computer to a telephone line and converts computer data signals into signals compatible with DSL.
    DSL modem
  61. ____ currently offers the fastest Internet access speeds.
  62. Cable Internet service needs ____.
    Circuitry to handle Ethernet protocols and a cable modem
  63. The speed for satellite Internet service is ____.
    faster downstream than upstream
  64. Satellite Internet service and TV service require ____.
    a satellite dish and a modem
  65. ____ wireless Internet service is designed to offer Internet access to homes and businesses by broadcasting data signals over areas large enough to cover most cities and outlying areas.
  66. An Ethernet-compatible network standard designed as IEEE 802.16 is ____.
  67. Portable Internet access includes all of the following EXCEPT.
    • a. WiFi
    • b. portable satellite
    • c. portable wireless
    • d. cellular
  68. The ability to easily move your Internet service from one location to another is considered ____ Internet service.
  69. ____ is an up-and-coming standard designed to be deployed by ISPs and cell phone carriers to allow seamless hand-offs between one tower and another.
    Mobile WiMAX
  70. Data transport rates depend on the technology of the cellular system. The generation of cellular technology associated with analog voice service is ____.
  71. Data transport rates depend on the technology of the cellular system. The generation of cellular technology that was first associated with always-on data transfers is ____.
  72. The fastest cellular technology is ____.
  73. ____ is a 3G technology that works on GSM and GPRS cellular networks.
  74. ____ is a 3G technology developed by Qualcomm and currently deployed by Alltel, Sprint, and Verizon.
  75. ____ is a 3.5G technology with theoretical maximum speeds in excess of 5 Mbps.
  76. With a data service plan, you can use ____ to take advantage of mobile broadband.
  77. A communication protocol that provides Internet access from handheld devices is ____.
  78. The disadvantage of WAP-enabled devices is their ____.
    screen size
  79. You can use a service called ____ to reformat Web pages to fit on a small screen.
  80. Most messaging is based on a ____ model.
  81. For instant messaging, ____ are the people in a participant's list who are currently online.
  82. Messaging and chat protocols include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
  83. Messaging systems that require client software include ____.
    • a. Apple iChat
    • b. AOL Instant Messenger
    • c. Yahoo! Messenger
    • d. all of the above
  84. Instant messaging is vulnerable to malware such as ____.
    • a. viruses
    • b. spyware
    • c. both a and b
    • d. neither a nor b
  85. To use VoIP you must use any of the following EXCEPT ____.
    • a. an IP phone
    • b. a cable phone
    • c. a wireless IP phone
    • d. a USB phone

  86. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ file will go to the location pointed to by box A.

  87. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the file to be ____ is indicated by box B.

  88. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ of the transfer is indicated by box C.
  89. The ____ protocol allows the transfer of files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network.
  90. ____ is a file sharing protocol that distributes the role of the file server across a collection of dispersed computers.
  91. A group of computers temporarily networked to download a file is a ____.
  92. BitTorrent can be used to distribute ____.
    • a. spyware
    • b. adware
    • c. malware
    • d. all of the above
  93. Network services such as the Web, FTP, and e-mail operate from ____.
  94. The use of automated software to locate computers that are vulnerable to unauthorized access is a port ____.
  95. The average "survival time" for an unprotected computer to remain uncompromised is only ____.
    9 minutes
  96. In order to ensure your ports are inactive you should _____.
    turn off the computer
  97. ____ are intended to work on LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another.
  98. A ____ IP address is one which can be accessed by packets on the Internet.

  99. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, A points to a ____.
    corporate network

  100. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, B points to ____.

  101. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, C points to ____.
    remote access server

  102. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, D points to an ____.
    encrypted channel

  103. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, E points to the ____.

  104. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, F points to an ____.

  105. The accompanying figure represents a Virtual Private Network. In this figure, G points to a ____.
    remote PC
  106. Tom is currently using dial-up for his internet connection but he believes it is too slow for his needs and ties up his phone line. He is looking for an alternative and has come to you for help. 

    Tom wants to know which Internet access is the fastest. You tell him ____.
  107. Tom wants to know which of the services uses his existing telephone lines. You tell him ____.
    • a. DSL
    • b. ISDN
    • c. both a and b
    • d. nither a or b
  108. Tom wants to know which service has overall lower costs. You tell him, on a monthly basis, it is ____.
  109. Sometimes Sally wants to browse the Internet while sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. She has heard that Starbucks has WiFi but she knows there are some limitations. You tell her ____.
    the signal is not strong everywhere
  110. You describe WiMAX to Sally. You Tell her ____.
    you can use the same provider for home and mobile use
  111. Another option Sally is considering is a portable satellite system. She asks you about the details and you tell her ____.
    • a. you must take your satellite dish with you
    • b. your disk can move out of alignment and         must be repositioned
    • c. they work well for browsing the Web
    • d. all of the above
  112. Sally has heard that cellular data service has poor quality. You tell her ____.
    that it depends on the generation of technology being used
  113. You and Harry are discussing firewalls. You explain that he has a firewall built into Windows. He says he has one that came with his virus protection. He should ____.
    turn the one that came with Windows off and use the firewall that came with his virus protection
  114. Harry's grandson has been coming to his house and downloading music. His grandson turned "file sharing" on. He is concerned this causes security problems. He should ____.
    deactivate it when not needed
  115. NAPs such as Earthlink and Comcast offer dial-up and cable Internet access.
  116. TCP, IP, UDP, HTTP, and FTP are examples of protocols used on the Internet
  117. is an example of an IP address.
  118. .edu and .ca are examples of top-level domains.
  119. Internet-based servers can handle multiple tasks using different ports.
  120. Utilities such as Ping and Traceroute help you gauge the speed of your Internet connection.
  121. 10 Mbps is a narrowband Internet connection.
  122. Dial-up, ISDN, and DSL provide Internet access using telephone cabling.
  123. Cable Internet service is fast because it has lots of latency.
  124. WiMAX uses low-earth orbiting satellites to transport data to the Internet.
  125. Portable Internet access includes portable WiMAX and Wi-Fi.
  126. UTMS, EDGE, and HSUPA are examples of broadband ISPs.
  127. VoIP uses circuit switching technology to send analog data.
  128. SETI@home is a popular Wi-Fi service provider for non-business consumers.
  129. FTP makes it easy to anonymously use a search engine.
  130. BitTorrent is an Internet security protocol.
  131. Consumers should use port probes to encrypt data sent over the Internet.
  132. NATs are used by hackers to intercept packets traveling over the Internet.
  133. One reason the Internet works is because TCP/IP offers a global addressing standard. Which one of the following is accurate in the context of Internet addresses?
    A domain name, such as, corresponds to a unique IP address.
  134. Although ISPs offer Internet access though dial-up, satellites, WiMAX, ISDN, and DSL, cable Internet is currently the preferred access method. Why?
    It is the fastest and most widely available technology
  135. What is the difference between portable Internet access and mobile Internet access?
    With portable access you cannot work online while moving very far
  136. On the Internet, application protocols provide consumers with many useful services. Which one of the following correctly describes an Internet-based application protocol?
    Files can be shared over the Internet using FTP or BitTorrent protocols.
  137. Securing your computer from Internet-based intrusions is an important aspect of computer security. Which one of the following is NOT a useful security technique?
    Activating your computer’s file sharing options

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