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  1. rx for baby of hep B + mother
    ivig and then hep b vaccine
  2. for what value of BPP do you deliver?
    4 or less
  3. a young child with a febrile uti, next step besides treating?
    a young child with multiple febrile uti's, next step besides treating?
    • ultrasound
    • voiding cystourethragram
  4. delayed sleep phase syndrome?
    being able to sleep from a late hour at night to late in the morning
  5. what is shy drager syndrome?
    parkinsons phenomenon where autonomic system is not functioning so you get orthostatic hypotension, impotence
  6. shy drager vs riley day
    • shy drager is multisystem atrophy with parkinsons
    • riley day is autonomic dysfunction that is familial
  7. most common complication of peptic ulcer
  8. 1st cranial nerve to get compressed from high intracranial pressure?
  9. after a head injury and loss of conscienscness, when do you observe in the ospital?
    • if seizures
    • if focal neurological defects
    • if signs of cranial injury
  10. complication of repair of aaa?
    ischemia to the bowel
  11. complication of diabetes in the baby?
    • macrosomia
    • hypoglycemia
    • hypocalcemia
    • hyperviscosity
    • caadal regressio
    • togv
  12. rx for entamoeba liver abscess?
    pyogenic abscess?
    • metro
    • abx + drainage
  13. rx for afib due to wpw?
    whats contraindicated?

    anuthing that blocks av node--ccb, bb, digoxin
  14. rx for rheumatic fever?
    penicillin for 5 or 10 years and depending on whats involved till 21 or 40 years of age
  15. all the triplet repeat disease have what inheritance?
    autosomal dominant
  16. what occurs in reponse to inflammation in the body
    • thrombocytosis
    • esr
  17. duration of clopidogre for metal stents?
    drug elutting stents
    • 1 month
    • 12 months
  18. when do you give clopidogrel following myocardial events?
    • after unstable/nstemi
    • after stent placement
  19. when is the answer bacterial overgrowth vs short bowel syndrome?
    • surgery for gastric ulcer--bacterial overgrowth
    • surgery for duodenal ulcer--short bowel or weight loosing surgery
  20. rx for refractory hydrothorax due to cirhosis
  21. papillary necrosis gives dysmorphic or normal shaped rbc?
    normal since its after the glomerulus
  22. symtpoms of opiod withdrawal
    everything is fast--tachy, nasuea, diarhea, pioerection, mydiasis
  23. most important modifiable risk factor that helps lower bp
  24. what kind of skeletal instability is seen in down patients
    atlantoaxial instability
  25. most common cause of idiopathic lymphadenopath of cervical region
    staph aureus
  26. rx for asymptomatic sarcoid
    • nothing
    • steroids
  27. differnece between meniscal vs ligamental tear
    ligamental-immediate swelling and cant bear weight on knee, knee instability

    meniscus--delayed swelling and can bear weight
  28. hep b or hep c produces a chronic hepatitis?
    hep c with arthralgias
  29. moa of dipyrimadole for stress test
    coronary steal --blood flow goes to good areas of heart with good perfusion
  30. what is the pcwp in pe?
    normal but pulmonary artery is increasedfel
  31. felty syndrome
    ra + neutropenia + splenomegaly
  32. rx for saline reponse metabolic alkalosis
    urine chloride <20 meq/L
    normal saline
  33. difference in presentation between nieman picks and taysachs?
    • nieman picks---cherry red macula, hepatlosplenomegaly
    • tay sachs--cherry red macula but no hepatosplenomegaly
  34. rx for hypoxic conditions created in sickle cell like chest pian, stroke, splenic infarction
    exchange transfusion
  35. selenium deficieync?
    zinc deficiency

    skin lesion and hair loss
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