Performance Cruise-Decent-Landing

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  1. How is VA Derived?
    VAImage Upload
  2. Define VB

    Turbulence Penetration Speed
    • Design speed for max gust intensity
    • Gust of 50fps 3000fpm
    • Not necessarily the best speed for compromise between high and low stall

    For 767 290KIAS
  3. Difference between MRC & LRC

    What are the numbers?
    Max Range Cruise best drag/thrust Ratio

    LRC a little higher. Still get 99% of the max range, but at 4% higher Mach number
  4. How does weight affect cruise range depending on the Cruise Height
    The closer to high optimum altitude, the more valuable a weight reduction is.
  5. What a the 3 limits for Max Cruise Alt
    • Max Certified Alt
    • Thrust limited Alt
    • Buffet or Maneuver limit speed
  6. Define Cost Index
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  7. Is specific Range Dependent on temp?
    No because the effect of Temp on Fuel Flow and TAS cancel each other out.
  8. Drift Down procedure is what 3 steps?

    What is the drift down Gradient for 2 & 4 engine A/C?
    • Select MCT (Max Continuous Thrust)
    • Decelerate to best lift/drag speed
    • Climb or descend to drift down ceiling

    • 2 Engine 1.1%
    • 4 engine 1.6%
  9. What Factors affect the Net Drift Down flight path?

    What terrain clearance limits apply to net path?
    • Wind and Temp
    • Icing conditions (anti ice air reduces thrust)

    • Must have a positive slope at an alt of at least 1000ft above terrain within 10nm of track
    • When level must have 2000ft clearance
  10. Define



    V Landing Gear operating (in transit)

    V Landing Gear Extended (Locked down)

    V Flap Extended
  11. Define

    VTT  / TTS
    V Target Threshold

    Target speed at 50ft above threshold

    Must be at least VREF
  12. Numbers for flap manoeuvre speeds

    15o overshoot
  13. How does higher weight relate to decent profile in regards to planned speeds compared to VMIN DRAG
    VMIN DRAG greater than descent speed more weight means higher rate and steeper

    VMIN DRAG less than decent speed more weight means lower rate and shallower
  14. Define decent gradiant Y?
    Image Upload

    ROD = TAS x Y
  15. 1) Effect of Altitude on the decent

    2) Does Temp affect it?
    1) As you descend, rate of decent reduces for same airspeed

    Due to weakening mach numbers and idle thrust strengthening slightly

    2) No
  16. Meaning of Demonstrated landing dist
    Landing Config

    Stabilized approach to 50ft

    No lower than VREF

    Normal dry runway, no extreme braking
  17. Define Screen height
    Point 50ft above threshold from where landing distance is meaasured
  18. Define LDA
    • Landing distance available
    • Declared length for landing and rollout from threshold till end of runway.
    • Does not include Stopways!

    If approach path is clear it will be the same as TORA
  19. Relationship between landing distances

    FAR (factored or required)
    Demonstrated must be max 60% of LDA

    FAR landing field length is 1.67% of Demonstrated

    For wet it is 115% of dry
  20. Approach climb numbers

    1) Gear
    2) Flaps
    3) Thrust
    4) Speed
    5) Min Gradient
    • 1) Up
    • 2) Approach position
    • 3) GA Thrust on remaining engine
    • 4) 1.5VS 
    • 5) 2.1%
  21. Landing climb numbers

    1) Gear
    2) Flaps
    3) Thrust
    4) Speed
    5) Min Gradient
    • 1) Down
    • 2) Landing position
    • 3) GA Thrust on All engines
    • 4) 1.3VS 
    • 5) 3.2%
  22. State the hydroplaning formula


    Non Rotating
    Rotating  Image Upload

    Non Rotating  Image Upload

    P = Tire Pressure
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