Habitats environment and survival

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  1. What is a habitat?
    Provide examples
    • The location or place where an organism lives at a given time
    • Terrestrial
    • Aquatic 
    • a. Freshwater eg. Lakes, rivers
    • b. Marine eg. Ocean, reef
    • c. Estuarine eg. River mouths
  2. What is a microhabitat?
    The more localised part of a general habitat where an organism lives
  3. What is the 'range'?
    The geographic are that encloses all the habitats where a species lives
  4. What is a niche?
    • The way of life of the species. This includes where it lives, what it eats and when it feeds.
    • Different species in a community in a natural habitat typically have either zero or degree of niche over lap as over time, one will be eliminated
  5. What is the 'environment'?
    • The physical, chemical and biological conditions that exist in a habitat make up the environment
    • This includes biotic (living) factors pr abiotic (non-living) factors
  6. Provide examples of biotic factors
    • Predators
    • Parasites
    • Competition between members of one species
  7. Provide examples of abiotic factors
    • Water- (pH level, temperature, OLevels, salinity)
    • Temperature- air, water, soil
    • Rainfall
    • Wind 
    • Humidity- water vapour content in air
    • Day length
  8. What is a 'tolerance range'?
    The extent to of variation in an environmental factor within which a species can survive
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