Interest Groups

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  1. interest groups
    organizations seeking to directly influence govt policy
  2. majoritarianism
    tendency of democratic govts. to allow the faint preferences of the majority to prevail over intense feelings of minorities
  3. organizational sclerosis
    society encrusted w/ so many special benefits to interest groups that everyone's standard of living is lowered
  4. trade associations
    interest groups composed of businesses in specific industries
  5. public interest groups
    interest groups that claim to represent broad classes of ppl or the public as the whole
  6. single issue groups
    organizations formed to support or oppose govt action on a specific issue
  7. ideological organizations
    interest groups that pursue ideologically based (liberal or conservative) agendas
  8. free-rider
    ppl who do not belong to an organization or pay dues yet they benefit from its activities
  9. lobbyist
    person working to influence govt policies and action
  10. lobbying
    activities directed at govt officials w/ the hope of influencing their decisions
  11. public relations
    building & maintaining goodwill w/ the general public
  12. access
    • meeting & talking w/ decision makersĀ 
    • prerequisite to direct persuasion
  13. grass-root lobbying
    attempts to influence govt. decision making by inspiring constituents to contact their representatives
  14. coalitions
    a joining together of interest groups (or indvs) to achieve common goals
  15. bribery
    giving or offering anything of value in effort to influence gotv officials in the performance of their duties
  16. political action committees (PACs)
    organizations that solicit and receive campaign contributions from corporations, unions, trade associations, and ideological & issue-oriented groups, and their members and then distribute these funds to political candidates
  17. iron triangles
    mutually supportive relationships among interest groups, govt. agencies and legislature committees w/ jurisdiction over a specific policy are
  18. revolving doors
    the movement of indvs. from govt. positions to jobs in the private sector, using the experience, knowledge and contacts they acquired in govt employment
  19. litigation
    legal dispute brought before a court
  20. amicus curiae
    person or group other than the defendant or the plaintiff, or the prosecution that submits an argument in a case for the court's consideration
  21. interest group entreprenuers
    leaders who create organizations and market memberships
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