EMT-Chapter 28-Bleeding & Soft Tissue Trauma

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  1. Epistaxis
    A nosebleed
  2. Closed Injury
    Any injury where there is no break in the skin.
  3. Contusion
    A closed injury to the tissue and blood vessels within the dermis characterized by discoloration, swelling, and pain; a bruise; bruising or swelling of the brain
  4. Ecchymosis
    Black or blue discoloration
  5. Hematoma
    A closed injury characterized by a mass blood beneath the epidermis
  6. Crush Injury
    An open or closed injury in which high-pressure forces cause serious damage to underlying soft tissues with internal bleeding, resulting in possible hemorrhagic shock.
  7. Open Injury
    Injury in which the skin is broken.
  8. Abrasion
    An open injury to the epidermis caused by a scraping away, rubbing, or shearing away of tissue.
  9. Laceration
    An open injury whose edges may be linear(smooth and regular) or stellate (jagged and irregular); a wound that penetrates the brain.
  10. Avulsion
    An open injury characterized by a loose flap of skin and soft tissue that has been torn loose or pulled off.
  11. Amputation
    An open injury caused by the ripping or tearing away of a limb, body part, or organ.
  12. Penetration/Puncture
    An open injury caused by a pointed object being pushed into the tissues.
  13. Occlusive Dressing
    A dressing that can form an airtight seal over a wound.
  14. Evisceration
    A protrusion of organs from a wound.
  15. Impaled Object
    • An object embedded in the body.
    • Do not remove unless it's in the cheek or neck where it is obstructing airflow in the trachea.
  16. Air Embolism
    An air bubble that enters the bloodstream and obstructs a blood vessel
  17. Dressing
    A sterile covering for an open wound
  18. Bandage
    Any material used to secure a dressing in place.
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