Peds growth

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  1. Age that birth weight doubles
    6 months
  2. age that birth weight triples
    12 months
  3. age that posterior fontanel closes
    8 weeks
  4. age that social smile occurs
    2 months
  5. age that head turns to locate sounds at
    3 months
  6. moro reflex disappears around what age
    4 months
  7. steady head control is achieved at what age
    4 months
  8. age that one is able to roll from abdomen to back and back to abdomen
    5 to 6 months
  9. age to play peek a boo
    6 months
  10. transfers objects from hand to hand at what age?
    7 months
  11. age one develops stranger anxiety at
    7 to 9 months
  12. age to sit unsupported
    8 months
  13. what age to crawl
    10 months
  14. fine pincer grasp appears at what age
    10 to 12 months
  15. waves bye bye at what age
    10 months
  16. walks with assistance at what age
    10 to 12 months
  17. says a few words in addition to mama or dada at what age
    12 months
  18. explores environment by motor and oral means at what age?
    12 months
  19. what age span does infant range from
    birth to one year
  20. what part of Erickson's theory is applicable during the infant stage?
    trust vs. mistrust
  21. what are some applicable toys to include for infants
    mobiles, rattles, squeaking toys, picture books, balls, colored blocks, and activity boxes
  22. What is the age range for a toddler
    1 to 3 years
  23. Age that birth weight quadruples
    30 months
  24. age to achieve 50% of adult height
    2 years
  25. age that growth velocity slows
    1-3 years
  26. age appears to be bowlegged and potbellied
    1-3 years
  27. age all primary teeth (20) are present
    1-3 years
  28. Age that anterior fontanel closes
    12-18 months
  29. age that one can throw a ball overhand
    18 months
  30. age to kick a ball
    24 months
  31. age to feel self with spoon and cup
    2 years
  32. age that daytime toilet training can usually be started
    2 years
  33. age that two-three word sentences are spoken
    2 years
  34. age that three to four word sentences are spoken
    3 years
  35. age that own first and last name can be stated
    2.5-3 years
  36. age that temper tantrums are common
    1-3 years
  37. erikson's theory applicable to the toddler stage
    autonomy vs. doubt and shame
  38. Toys for the hospitalized toddler
    board and mallet, push pull toys, toy telephones, stuffed animals, storybooks with pictures
  39. Growth and development stage that one learns to name body parts and become concerned about their bodies
  40. ages that "preschool child" ranges from
  41. every year, a preschool child gains _______ pounds
  42. every year, a preschool child grows _________ inches
  43. developmental stage that one stands erect
    preschool child
  44. developmental stage that one learns to run, jump, skip, and hop
    preschool child
  45. age one can ride a tricycle
  46. age range that handedness is established
  47. age that one uses scissors
    4 years
  48. age that a child ties shoe laces
    5 years
  49. age stage that a child learns colors and shapes
    preschool child
  50. age stage that visual acuity approaches 20/20
    preschool child
  51. age stage that thinking is egocentric and concrete
    preschool child
  52. stage a child uses sentences of five to eight words
    preschool child
  53. stage that one learns sexual identity (curiosity and masturbation are common)
    preschool child
  54. stage that imaginary playmates and fears are common
    preschool child
  55. aggressiveness at ________ years is replaced by more independence at _____ years
    4 and 5
  56. Erickson's theory applicable to a preschool child
    initiative vs. guilt
  57. toys and play for hospitalized preschooler
    coloring books, puzzles, cutting and pasting, dolls, building blocks, clay
  58. school aged child age range
  59. each year a school aged child gains ____ lbs
  60. each year a school aged child grows about _____ inches in height
  61. stage that girls may experience menarche
    school-aged child
  62. stage that one losses primary teeth and eruption of most permanent teeth occurs
    school age child
  63. age that one is able to write script
    8 years
  64. stage that a child can dress self completely
    school aged child
  65. stage that egocentric thinking is replaced by social awareness of others
    school aged child
  66. stage that a child learns to tell time and understands past present and future
    school age child
  67. stage that a child learns cause and effect relationships
    school age child
  68. stage that socialization with peers become important
    school age child
  69. age that molars erupt
    6 year
  70. Erikson's theory applicable to a school aged child
    industry vs. inferiority
  71. toys applicable for the school aged child
    board games, card games, hobbies, puzzles, video games
  72. age range of an adolescent
  73. a girls growth spurt may begin as early as ______ years old and usually begins earlier than boys
  74. boys growth catches up with a girls around age _____
  75. girls finish growth around age ______
    boys finish growth around age _____
    15 for girls. 17 for boys.
  76. stage that secondary sex characteristics develop
  77. age that adult like thinking develops (problem solving and abstract thinking)
  78. Erickson's theory that is applicable to the adolescent stage
    identity vs. role confusion
  79. after ______ months an infant can remember pain
  80. What kind of procedures do toddlers fear
  81. this stage has a fear of body mutilation
  82. this stage fears a loss of control of their bodies
    school aged children
  83. a major concern of this stage is change in body image
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