The Who's Who of Massage (MBLEX)

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  1. Father of Swedish Massage
    "[name] did the Swedish thing"
    Per Henrik Ling
  2. Father of Hydrotherapy, cured himself of tuberculosis
    Father Kneipp
  3. Father of Cranioscral therapy
    William Sutherland
  4. "The Flying Finns", responsible for bring sports massage back into the public eye
    Lasse Virren and Paavo Nurmi
  5. Business man who created chair massage
    David Palmer
  6. Orthopedic physician credited with promoting deep cross-fiber friction
    James Cyriax
  7. Creator of Rolfing and Structural Integration
    Ida P. Rolf
  8. Former White House physician credited with creating Trigger Point Therapy
    Janet Travell
  9. Doctor responsible for bringing Zone Therapy to the U.S.
    William Fitzgerald
  10. Therapist credited with mapping out Reflexology Charts
    Eunice Ingham
  11. Pupil of Dr. Rolf; created the Feldenkrais Method / It's all about movement
    Moshe Feldenkrais
  12. Craniosacral therapist; created the Upledger technique
    John Upledger
  13. Creator of Hellerwork (SER type work)
    Joseph Heller
  14. The psychologist who tested monkey's response to realistic or wire cloth monkey.
    Harry Harlow
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The Who's Who of Massage (MBLEX)
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