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  1. ROI
    Return on Investment
  2. VOC
    Voice of the Customer
  3. CTX
    • C = Critical
    • T = To
    • X = Characteristic {time, cost, satisfaction}
  4. DMAIC
    • D - Define
    • M - Measure
    • A - Analyze
    • I - Improve
    • C - Control
  5. SIPOC
    • Supplier
    • Input
    • Process
    • Output
    • Customer

    made to define the sub-processes in major business processes, and to identify possible measure
  6. MSA
    Measurement System Analysis
  7. ANOVA
    Analysis of Variance

    a statistical technique for analyzing data that tests for a difference between two or more means by comparing the variances *within* groups and variances *between* groups.”
  8. DOE
    Design of Experiments
  9. OFAT
    One Factor at a Time
  10. FEMA
    Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

    A procedure and tools that help to identify every possible failure mode of a process or product, to determine its effect on other sub-items and on the required function of the product or process
  11. DMAIC
    Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

    Used when a product or a process already exists in a company
    Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify / Design for Six Sigma

    Used when a new process or a product has to be developed
  13. CTQ
    Critical to Quality {tree}
  14. PERT
    Program evaluation and review technique

    {A version of the Activity Network Diagrams}
  15. FS
    Foremost Start - The earliest time that each task can begin.
  16. FF
    Foremost Finish - The earliest time a task can conclude
  17. LS
    Latest Start - the Latest time that each task can begin without disturbing the project timetable
  18. LF
    Latest Finish - The latest time that each task can conclude without disturbing the project timetable.
  19. C p
    Capability Index
  20. p
    Population Proportion
  21. Lowercase Sigma

    Standard deviation of a population
  22. s
    Standard Deviation of a Sample
  23. Uppercase Sigma

  24. n
    Sample Size 

    Number of data in a sample
  25. N
    Population Size

    Number of data in a population
  26. Mean of a sample size

    Average of a sample size
  27. Mean of a Population

    Average of a Population

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