Computer Controls

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  1. The EEPROM located in a computer allows stored information to be electrically changed.
  2. The instrument panel warning light is called a DTC.
    False.  MIL
  3. A multiplex wiring system prevents separate modules from sharing data.
    False.  It allows
  4. Computers are able to receive and process only analog signals.
    False.  Digital signal
  5. DTC refers to the diagnostic test connector.
    False.  Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  6. Which of the following is a basic function(s) of a computer?
    Store information, process information, and send out commands
  7. Which of the following provides input signals to the PCM?
    Feedback devices
  8. Tech A says the primary purpose of a multiplexing system is to send and receive multiple analog signals.  Tech B says multiplexing uses bus data links.  Who is correct?
    B only.  Multiplexing = digital, Nonmultiplexed = analog
  9. Tech A says static electricity can be discharged safely through a ground wrist strap to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.  Tech B says to avoid touching bare metal contacts to prevent damage.  Who is correct?
  10. A typical PCM is capable of doing all of the following except:
    Produce input data
  11. Which of the following PCM memory circuits is used to store specific calibration information?
    PROM = programmable read only memory
  12. Control loop operation enables the engine to make rapid adjustment to match changes in engine:
    Temperature, load, speed
  13. Which of the following is a computer-controlled actuator?
    EGR vent solenoid, EVAP canister purge solenoid, AIR bypass solenoid.
  14. Tech A says the oxygen sensor provides the major input during open loop mode.  Tech B says the engine coolant temperature sensor does not affect open loop mode operation.  Who is correct?
  15. While discussing PCM memory, Tech A says the RAM normally contains the specific information about the vehicle in which it is installed.  Tech B says EEPROM is erased if the power source is disconnected.  Who is correct?
  16. Tech A says the MAP sensor input is used to control the fuel and EGR systems.  Tech B says the MAP sensor is used to control the ignition and idle speed systems?  Who is correct?
  17. Pulse width is being discussed.  Tech A says that pulse width is the on and off cycling of an electrical circuit.  Tech B says the cycling time varies depending upon the needs of the output circuit.  Who is correct?
    Neither.  Pulse width is only "on" cycling.
  18. Tech A says an air conditioning pressure switch is used as a PCM input to determine engine load and control engine idle speed.  Tech B says the air conditioning switch measures barometric pressure and sends a altitude input signal to the PCM.  Who is correct?
    A only.  MAP sensor measures barometric pressure
  19. Which of the following is best checked with an ohmmeter?
    ECT sensor, MAP sensor, barometric pressure sensor
  20. The MIL is illuminated when the:
    • Ignition is on and the engine is off
    • Engine is being cranked
    • Engine is running and a DTC has been recorded
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