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  1. decry
    to denoune or condemn openly
  2. malignant
    threatening to produce death; harmful
  3. filibuster
    the obstruction of a passage of a legislative bill by the making of long speeches
  4. inundated
    overwhelmed by excess; flooded
  5. augment
    to add to; to increase
  6. progmatic
    proactical or workable
  7. scintillate
    to sparkle; to glitter
  8. salubrious
    beneficial; healthful
  9. candor
  10. moot
    hypothetical; debatable
  11. lethargy
    indifference; apathy; dullness
  12. declivity
    a downward slope
  13. fastidious
    overly conncerned about detail; fussy
  14. intrinsic
    inherent; part of basic nature; fundamental
  15. autonomous
    self governing
  16. anthology
    collection of literary works
  17. savants
  18. sedentary
  19. altercation
    an angry dispute; a heated argument
  20. lavish
    extremely generous; extravagant
  21. extraneous
    foreign; irrelevant
  22. indued
    endowed; invested; provided; equipped
  23. felonoy
    a major crime
  24. irreparable
    beyond repair or correction
  25. martial
    war-like; having to do with the military
  26. multifarious
    diverse; of great variety
  27. sequel
    that whih follows; a continuation
  28. calligraphy
    precise and decorative handwriting or hand printing handwriting in general
  29. lassitude
    lack of vigor or spirit; weariness
  30. extortion
    blackmail; the act of forcing payment by intimidation or violence
  31. indomitable
    unable to overcome, subdue, or dominate; stubbornly resistant; persevering
  32. feline
    like a cat
  33. irrevocable
    incapable of being withdrawn, revoked, repealed, called back, undone, etc.
  34. presages
  35. maritime
    pertaining to the sea
  36. schism
    a division or spearation of a group into  opposing or differing groups
  37. sentient
    having sensation and feeling; aware; conscious
  38. cajolery
    persuasion by flattery, coaxing
  39. largesse
    generous gift
  40. indigent
    poor; destitute; needy
  41. felicitations
    good wishes; congratulations
  42. itinerant
    going from place to place; homeless
  43. prerogative
    exclusive riht or privilge
  44. antithetical
    exactly opposite
  45. sententious
    expressing or expressive of much meaning in few words
  46. cadaverous
    like a corpse; ghastly
  47. amentities
    considerate and courteous acts or expressions; civilities
  48. expurgated
  49. indolent
    slothful; lazy
  50. feint
    a false or deceptive movement
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