VOP Chapter 1

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  1. With outpatient care what should be provided to the owner?
    informational handouts and instructions
  2. Name the team member: May be a volunteer or paid position. Many veterinary schools have in clinic prerequisites that must be completed before application and/or admission.
  3. Name the team member: May find abnormalities that need investigated by veterinarians. Examples would be; abnormal anal gland, skin tags, masses and ear infections.
  4. Name the team member: Needs to be familiar with cleaning protocols, be trained to detect emergency situations and prevention of disease transmission.
    kennel assistants
  5. Name the team member: Helps veterinary technicians and/or veterinarians. Excel at physical restraint, laboratory skills, patient car, and client relations.
    veterinary assistants
  6. When are quarantine cages cleaned?
  7. Name the team member: Graduate of a 2 year program and passed the VTNE. Expected the understand why and when procedures are done. Should be able to problem solve and recommend needed changes
    veterinary technicians
  8. Is there a difference between RVT CVT or LVT?
    No it is just what different states call a vet tech.
  9. Name the team member: Graduate of a 4 year BOS program
    veterinary technologists
  10. Name the team member: Did on the job training and continuing education courses in a certain focused area.
    veterinary technician specialists
  11. Name the team member: Greets clients, details and clarifies invoices and receives money. They make the first impression.
  12. Name the team member: Oversee the front office staff and accounts receivable.
    office managers
  13. Name the team member: Only team member allowed to dx, prescribe, and perform sx. Must be licensed in state of practice and have both national and state examinations.
  14. Name the team member: Handle client and personnel issues, supervise training sessions for team members, and hold team members accountable for their actions. Most hold a bachelor's degree in science or business administration. Others may have an associates degree in veterinary technology.
    practice managers
  15. Name the team member: May be a veterinarian, technician, or business manager. Generally has complete authority over the operation of the business and practice.
    hospital administrator
  16. What 3 states allow you to have on the job training to be eligible to take the VTNE without attending a 2 year program?ADW
    • Alaska
    • Delaware
    • Washington
  17. What 2 states will only allow you to take the VTNE if you have on the job training?OA
    • Oregon
    • Arizona
  18. How often is the VTNE offered?
    • 3 times a year
    • March 1 to 31
    • Mid July to Mid August
    • Mid November to Mid December
  19. Do new graduates have to do their first license renewal with continuing education?
  20. Name the supervision:
    A veterinarian has given written or oral instructions to a staff member, is on the premises and available easily and quickly to assist the employee if problems arise.
    direct veterinary supervision
  21. Name the supervision:
    A veterinarian is not on the premises but is familiar with the case and makes timely visits to where the animal is kept.
    indirect veterinary supervision
  22. Name the supervision:
    A veterinarian is in visual and audible range to assist.
    immediate veterinary supervision
  23. What 2 supervisions are veterinary technicians under?
    direct and indirect
  24. What 2 supervisions are veterinary assistants under?
    direct and immediate
  25. What are the 5 prohibited acts for veterinary technicians as the veterinarian can be held liable?
    • performing sx
    • dx
    • px
    • prescribing
    • attesting to health status
  26. Animals must be examined by a veterinarian within _ days of international travel. Only the _ can sign the health certificate if the animal is free of contagious and infectious dz and is current on the Rabies vaccine.
    • 7days
    • veterinarian must sign
  27. How long is a small animal interstate travel certificate valid for?
    15 days after it is signed
  28. Impressions 123
    • 1.receptionist
    • 2.waiting room
    • 3.veterinary technician
  29. When should approved diagnostic test be ideally done?
    before the doctor enters the examination room
  30. What immunization requires a veterinarian to be present in the room (immediate supervision)?
    rabies vx
  31. Is the lid of a specimen ever to be used as a primary identification?
    no you can lose the lid or mix lids up
  32. What is the most appropriate cloth to use on a microscope eye piece/lens to prevent scratches?
    lens paper
  33. How many sides does a cage have?
  34. VCPR
    vet client patient relationship
  35. Controlled drug inventory is checked how often?
    q2yr (q24mo)
  36. If controlled drugs are missing who is notified?
    every vet hospital within 50 miles
  37. Who is the eyes and ears of the vet clinic?
    kennel personnel
  38. AAHA
    American animal hospital association
  39. CVTEA
    committee on veterinary technician education association
  40. Hospital accreditation is based on standards of excellence in areas of the hospital (facility, design, equipment)
  41. Sets standards for veterinary education
  42. Part of the AVMA
    Sets standards for veterinary technician schools
  43. General Practitioner
    What majority of places are
    primary care
  44. Board certified specialists (Referral)
    secondary care
  45. Veterinary teaching hospitals
    tertiary care
  46. Out patient care
    No hospitalized patients
  47. In patient care
    Hospitalized patients
  48. Veterinarian and staff not on premises
    on-call emergency
  49. Veterinarian and staff on premises
  50. Large facility offering consultations, clinical services, hospital services, and a teaching facility
    animal medical center
  51. Veterinarian and technicians are board certified
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