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  1. synopsis (n)
    • DEFINITION: A brief summary of the major points of a thesis, theory, story, or literary work
    • SENTENCE: If anyone has ever asked you to summarize a movie, you’ve provided them with a synopsis or brief summary.
    • SYNONYMS: a condensed version, epitome, abstract, abridgment, précis
    • ANTONYMS: drawn-out, wordy
  2. simile (n)
    • DEFINITION: A figure of speech that uses "like" or "as" to compare two unlike things
    • SENTENCE: An example of a simile: "You're as pretty as a peach."
    • SYNONYMS: comparison, parallel, allusion 
  3. metaphor (n)
    • DEFINITION: A figure of speech in which a comparison is made between two unrelated objects (without "like" or "as")
    • SENTENCE: An example of a metaphor: "You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I just 'do' things. I'm a wrench in the gears."
    • SYNONYMS: comparison, parallel, allusion 
  4. personification (n)
    • DEFINITION: A figure of speech in which an inanimate object is given human qualities/abilities
    • SENTENCE: An example of personification: "The sun smiled down on me."
    • ANTONYMS: N/A 
  5. irony (n)
    • DEFINITION: A form of speech in which what we say or write conveys the opposite of its literal meaning
    • SENTENCE: An example of irony: In "Star Wars", Han Solo tells Jabba the Hutt that he is a "wonderful human being." Jabba is neither wonderful nor a human being.
  6. satire (n)
    • DEFINITION: A work that ridicules human vices and follies; comic criticism
    • SENTENCE: The TV show "The Office" provides a satire of unmotivated cubicle workers and clueless bosses.
    • SYNONYMS: banter, mockery, parody
    • ANTONYMS: N/A 
  7. hyperbole (n)
    • DEFINITION: First, this word is pronounced high-PER-bo-lee. A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect; extreme exaggeration
    • SENTENCE: An example of hyperbole: "I'm so tired I could sleep for  a year."
    • SYNONYMS: amplification, distortion, enlargement
    • ANTONYMS:  understatement
  8. caricature (n)
    • DEFINITION: A representation in which the subject's distinctive features are deliberately exaggerated for comic effect
    • SENTENCE: Modern cartoonists often caricature Jay Leno by exaggerating his already prominent chin.
    • SYNONYMS: cartoon, imitation, parody
    • ANTONYMS: N/A 
  9. epic (n)
    • DEFINITION: A long narrative POEM written in a grand style to celebrate the feats of a hero
    • SENTENCE: "The Odyssey" is one of the world's most famous epics.
    • SYNONYMS: legend, saga, tale
    • ANTONYMS: short poem
  10. saga (n)
    • DEFINITION: A long narrative STORY; a heroic tale
    • SENTENCE: The Star Wars films are part of a well-known saga. 
    • SYNONYMS: epic, chronicle, legend
    • ANTONYMS: short story
  11. euphony (n)  
    • DEFINITION: Soothing or pleasant sounds; harmonious
    • SENTENCE: Alyssa's voice always fills a room with euphony.
    • SYNONYMS: melody, rhythm
    • ANTONYMS:  cacophony
  12. cacophony (n)
    • DEFINITION: Pronounced kuh-CAW-fo-nee. Harsh clashing sounds; jarring; grating
    • SENTENCE: Eminem's harsh grating words and rhythm create a cacophonous sound.
    • SYNONYMS: discord, harshness, noise
    • ANTONYMS: silence, harmony
  13. osmosis (n)
    • DEFINITION: A gradual, often unconscious process of assimilation (think about the scientific process; here, this word is applied for everyday use)
    • SENTENCE: You can't learn vocab words by osmosis; you must study hard.
    • SYNONYMS: absorbtion, assimilation, diffusion, passage
  14. sedentary (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Settled and therefore accustomed to sitting or doing little exercise
    • SENTENCE: You guys should stop being so sedentary and go to the gym.
    • SYNONYMS: idle, inactive, seated, settled, stationary, torpid
    • ANTONYMS: activated, active, energetic, mobile moving
  15. virulent (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Describing language that is bitterly hostile, hateful, and antagonistic. It can also mean poisonous
    • SENTENCE: The snake's virulent venom killed the little girl.
    • SYNONYMS: baneful, injurioius, malign, toxic, poisonous
    • ANTONYMS: harmless, healthy, nonpoisonous
  16. tepid (adj)
    • DEFINITION: moderately warm; lacking in passion, force, or zest
    • SENTENCE: The film was only mediocre; it received tepid reviews from critics.
    • SYNONYMS: Lukewarm; mild; apathetic 
    • ANTONYMS: passionate, fervent, enthusiastic 
  17. scintillating (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Sparkling; shining; brilliantly clever
    • SENTENCE: The scintillating performance that Max gave was captivating in every sense of the word.
    • SYNONYMS: dazzling, exciting, glimmering
    • ANTONYMS: dull, humdrum, uninspiring
  18. sanguine (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Cheerfully confident; optimistic
    • SENTENCE: The sanguine girl hoped for the best even in the most grave circumstances. 
    • SYNONYMS: hopeful, upbeat, enthusiastic 
    • ANTONYMS: pessimistic, gloomy, sad 
  19. guile (n)
    • DEFINITION: Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit
    • SENTENCE: The con artist managed to scam hundreds of people with his crafty guile. 
    • SYNONYMS: trickery, ruse, dishonesty
    • ANTONYMS: frankness, sincerity, truthfulness
  20. ostentatious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Showy; intended to attract notice; pretentious
    • SENTENCE: The ostentatious diva both captured and demanded everyone’s attention at all times.  
    • SYNONYMS: extravagant, flamboyant, glittery 
    • ANTONYMS: plain, humble, modest 
  21. fecund (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Intellectually productive or inventive
    • SENTENCE: The fecund author wrote one successful novel per year. 
    • SYNONYMS: fruitful, prolific, lush
    • ANTONYMS: barren, unproductive, unfruitful 
  22. supercilious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Haughty disdainful; arrogantly superior
    • SENTENCE: The supercilious Max told Cynthia that she was stupid, giggling to himself afterwards.
    • SYNONYMS: fruitful, prolific, lush
    • ANTONYMS: humble, modest, unpretentious
  23. hiatus (n)
    • DEFINITION: An interruption in time or continuity; a break 
    • SENTENCE: The Broadway star took a hiatus from his career to join the Peace Corps. 
    • SYNONYMS: break, lapse, gap 
    • ANTONYMS: continuation
  24. eclectic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Choosing or using a variety of sources
    • SENTENCE: We have quite an eclectic group of kids here at camp. 
    • SYNONYMS: potpourri, diverse, mixed
    • ANTONYMS: uniform, unvaried, similar
  25. venerate, revere (v)
    • DEFINITION: To respect and admire
    • SENTENCE: The aspiring scientists greatly revered the Nobel Prize winner’s work on stem cell research. 
    • SYNONYMS: cherish, exalt, idolize
    • ANTONYMS: condemn, dishonor, disrespect
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