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  1. wane
    grow gradually smaller, in size or strength

    batman lowers his strength when he becomes bruce wayne
  2. vernacular
    characteristic language of particular group;natural style

    vernacular sounds like "Ernaculam", so local language of ernaculam
  3. unseem

    un seemly-> seeing me undress and becoming indecent.

    UN+SEEM- does not seem normal or proper in behavior
  4. tirade
    extended scolding;denunciation

    sounds like tired.. your mom gets tired after a TIRADE..i.e. LONG ANGRY DENUNCIATORY SPEECH..

    In Trading job, if something goes wrong, they will scold you
  5. talon
    claw of bird

    Falcon depends upon its Talon (claw of a Bird), while on hunting
  6. subversive
    tending to overthrow;destructive

    subversive--->reversive--->go against established rule.Revert (to cause downfall) from inside.

    akin to invert (to place upside down), convert (to modify into another shape),. subvert is to "destroy something".
  7. sloth


    • sounds like Slog>> u know slog over over in cricket.. those between 20-40 overs.. no one watches it as its too slow cricket and ppl
    • feel lazy n sleep..
  8. sardonic

    Just remember the statement."SARdarjiko DONI ne Comment kiya" ..Just remember the caps in the statement which gives the word and statement meaning!
  9. reverent

    reverent-divide as river end i.e we bath in the river end as a part of worship

    RE-> Real + VE-> Veneration ie. Real Veneration or "great respect"
  10. repartee
    clever reply

    rePARTEE, rhymes with party, so think of the party men, i.e. the politicians who are known for giving a CLEVER REPLY when interviewed.

    The students gave a clever reply to the warden to party again in the hostel.
  11. quiescent
    at rest; dormant

    quiescent => quies ~ quiet = motionless

    quiz + cent, teacher asks students who will get cent(100) in the quiz...everyone reamains silent for sometime
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