Horse Breeds

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    • Arabian
    • -dish face, short back, arching neck, prominent eye
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    • Thoroughbred
    • -solid color, long legs, thin athletic build, prominent wither, long neck
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    • Quarter Horse
    • -any solid color, large well muscled rump
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    • Saddlebred
    • -all solid colors, head held high, high tail carriage
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    • Standardbred
    • -any solid color, large head, bridle path is shaved
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    • Tennessee Walking Horse
    • -high walking, any color, high head, wider lower neck and shoulder
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    • Paint
    • -any size, solid color with white around
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    • Palomino
    • -gold body, white mane and tail
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    • Pony of the Americas
    • -pony with Appaloosa pattern
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    • Welsh Pony
    • -athletic, any solid color
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    • Shetland Pony
    • -round, fluffy man and tail
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    • Belgian
    • -draft breed, light feathering hair, roman nose
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    • Shire
    • -largest of draft breeds, moderate feathering, roman nose
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    • Percheron
    • -smallest of draft breeds, compact body, no feathering
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    • Clydesdale
    • -heavy feathering, may have bald face
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Horse Breeds
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