Anything Goes

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  1. Entre;

    Song; There's no cure like travel (P1)

    Billy coming up the gang way; Excuse me Captain. Has Mr Whitney come aboard?
    Mr Whitney is in the bar.
  2. Billy: I thought you kept the bar closed till you sailed?
    He had a note from his doctor.
  3. Billy exits.

    Purser: Captain, Captain a catastrophe! We have to dely the sailying.
    What is it?


    A hurrican?
  4. Purser: Worse! Charlie Chaplin just wired.  He's cancelling his berth and sailing on the Mauretania.
    Good god.

    The passenger list.


    (Looks through the list)

    Hope Harcourt, the debutante,

    That's not bad.

  5. Purser: The Normandie had Jimmy Walker and Machie Gun Kelly.
    Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.
  6. Purser: Nothing. Wealthy Englishman.
    Wait a minute (music stops)

    Benjamin Franklin!
  7. Purser: It's not the same one.
    Then we've got nobody! (music stars)

    Quick, run down to the Stork Club

    and see if anyone's left over from last night.
  8. Purser: Aye Aye sir.

    Reporters: Hay Captain, where's a;; the celebrities?

    Photographer: This tub is deader than the Flying Duchman.
    Fellows, please!
  9. (A Minister entres with two Chinese)

    Minister: Ah, gentalmen of the press.
    I am Henry T Dobson.
    Not THE Henry T Dobson.

    (Pressmen groaning)
    Come off it!

    (Captain exits P4/SL)
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