Common terms test 3

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  1. Complaint
    filed by the plaintiff listing various charges brought against the defendant. In criminal matters, the complaint may be called the Information
  2. Demurrer
    legal document made by the defendant to the plaintiff in response to the original complaint.
  3. Affidavit
    Written statement of fact made voluntarily and sworn to under oath as to its authenticity
  4. Affiant
    person who makes an affidavit
  5. Deposition
    discovery device used to get information concerning facts of a case
  6. Deponent
    person who gives testimony to a deposition
  7. Discovery
    the whole process of finding the facts relating to a particular lawsuit
  8. three forms of discovery
    • +Depositions
    • +Interrogatories (written questions)
    • +Demands to produce documents
  9. Court Docket (calendar)
    filing of lawsuits with numbers I.E. Civil no., criminal no., case no., index no.
  10. judge
    the court or bench
  11. approach the bench statement
    counsel requesting to confer privately with the judge out of the hearing of the jury. may be referred to as a sidebar discussion
  12. judgement
    court's decision rather than a jury
  13. finding
    court's decision in a nonjury case
  14. in camera
    discussions held in judge's chambers where court reporter may be requested
  15. grand jury reporters
    freelance, official, or justice reporters
  16. justice reporters
    hired by the prosecutor's office
  17. indictment (true bill)
    charging a defendant with a crime after an investigation by a grand jury
  18. sentences/pleas
    reported verbatim and transcribed by the court reporter
  19. concurrent sentence
    served at the same time
  20. consecutive sentence
    served one after another
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