Chapter 9- Cardiovascular/Lymphatic systems

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  1. Apex
    rounded tip of the heart
  2. Atrium
    Upper heart chamber
  3. Cor
  4. Diastole
    Relaxation stage of heart
  5. Endocardium
    Endothelial membrane lining chamber of the heart
  6. Epicardium
    othermost serous layer of the heart wall
  7. Interventricular
    between ventricles
  8. Myocardium
    thick middle muscle layer of heart wall
  9. Pericardium
    external layer of membrane covering the heart
  10. Systole
    contraction stage of the heart
  11. Antibody
    lymphoid tissue that interacts with specific antigen
  12. Antigen
    substance that triggers formation on antibodies
  13. Erythrocyte
    red blood cell (RBC)
  14. Hematopoiesis
    production on RBC
  15. Heme
    iron containing portion of hemoglobin
  16. Leukocyte
    white blood cell
  17. Lymphocyte
    type of WBC-antibody production
  18. Macrocyte
    abnormally large erythrocyte
  19. Phagocytosis
    ingestion and destruction of microorganisms, cells or other foreign matter
  20. Reticulocyte
    immature RBC
  21. Serum
    blood plasma without clotting elements
  22. Thrombin
    changes fibrinogen to fibrin
  23. Thrombocyte
    blood platelet
  24. Tunica
    outer covering or lining of an organ or body part
  25. Vas
  26. Arteritis
    inflammation of an artery
  27. Bacteremia
    bacteria in blood
  28. Carditis
    inflammation of the heart
  29. Endocarditis
    inflammation of the endocardium
  30. Erythrocytosis
    abnormal increase in red blood cells
  31. Leukocytosis
    temporary increase in leukocyte number
  32. Lymphangitis
    inflammation of one or more lymphatic vessels
  33. Myocarditis
    inflammation of heart muscle
  34. Pericarditis
    inflammation of pericardium
  35. Phlebitis
    inflammation of veins with thrombus formation accompanied by pain and edema
  36. septicemia
    blood infection/poisoning
  37. Epistaxis
  38. Hematemesis
    vomiting of blood
  39. Hematoma
    blood, usually clotted, accumulated in tissue, organ or space due to blood vessel wall break
  40. Hematuria
    blood in urine
  41. Hemothorax
    blood accumulation in the pleural cavity
  42. Melena
    passing of tarry stool due to presence of digested blood
  43. Petechial hemorrhages
    small pinpoint hemorrhages in skin or Mm
  44. Hemophilia
    hereditary dz of not clotting
  45. Angiomegaly
    enlargement of blood vessel
  46. Angiosclerosis
    hardening of blood vessels
  47. Angiostenosis
    narrowing of vessels
  48. Arrhythmia
    irregular heartbeat
  49. Bradycardia
    slow heartbeat
  50. Cardiomegaly
    enlargement of heart
  51. Embolism
    blocking of blood vessel by obstruction
  52. Hypertension
    high blood pressure
  53. Hypotension
    low blood pressure
  54. Splenomegaly
    enlargement of spleen
  55. Tachycardia
    rapid heart beat
  56. Thrombus
    blood clot obstructing blood vessel
  57. vasoconstriction
    narrowing of blood vessel
  58. vasodilation
    expansion of blood vessel
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