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  1. alcoholic hepatitis recognition
    ast/alt ratio is 2/1
  2. patient is not cyanoitic but presents with a murmur of vsd
    if patient is cyanotic then it is
    • vsd
    • tof
  3. fastest way of moving K into the cells
  4. when do you get the acetominophen levels?
    after 4 hours from ingestion
  5. what needs to be replaced in volume contracted metabolic alkalosis
  6. bile duct loss is seen in what liver condition
    primary biliary cirhosis
  7. diarrhea then myositis, periorbital edema, chemosis
  8. when do you see calcium phosphate stones
    in hyperparathyroid or rta type I
  9. preferred airway intubation for patients with cervical neck fractures
  10. what diagnoses are clinical and you can treat as next step
    • appendicitis
    • asthma
    • pneumothorax
  11. what has longer supplies in the body, vitamin b12 or folate
    vitamin b 12
  12. rx for chronic hep or hep c
    • hep B--IFN or lamuvidine
    • hep C-- IFN + ribavirin
  13. when do you give ibig against hep b + hep vaccine
    for prophylaxis in recently exposed
  14. most common cause of neonatal sepsis
  15. rx for appendicitis taht is >5 days old and is an abscess
    manage conservative with iv abx and then appendectomy
  16. raash, arthritis, + post auricular lymph nodes
  17. when is treachostomy is the answer?
  18. breast abscess vs mastitis
    abscess is palpable and fluctuant
  19. most common kidney stones
    calcium oxalate
  20. most important factor in development of edema in heart failure
    sodium retention
  21. fever, decreased hearing, ear discharge with rhinitis, dx
    acute otitis media
  22. gastric outlet obstruction commonly occurs secondary to
    peptic ulcer disease
  23. painless bleeding in 2 year old
    painfull bleeding in a 2 year old
    • meckels
    • intussusseption
  24. fastest way of getting K into the cells
  25. rx for endocarditis
    iv penicillins/vanco
  26. when all meds fail in copd exacerbtaion and before intubation, best step
    non invasinve positive pressure ventilation
  27. dx of schizoaffective
    schizo symptoms for at least 2 weeks when mood symptoms are not present
  28. central scotoma, deficiency afferent pupillary reflex?
    optic neuritis
  29. rx for ascites?
    • sodium and water restirction
    • spironolactone
    • loops
    • paracentesisr
  30. rx for asymptomatic lymphodenopathy?
    observe if small and rubbery
  31. precocious puberty due to a tumor in the brain and opthalmoplegia
    perinaud's tumor--pineoloma
  32. screening in young kids, 1-5 years old
  33. dementia, + falls + hallucinations
    lewy body dementia
  34. rx for cellulitis with no systemic symptoms
    with systemic symptoms?
    • iv
    • oral doxycycline
  35. type of selection bias where a treatment regimen is selected for a patient based on the severity of their condition without taking into account other possible confounding variable
  36. new onset lupus nephritis, next step
  37. an electrolyte complication of any brain patholgy
    • siadh
    • or
    • diabetes insipidus
  38. 4 causes of very high chloride in the urine with metabolic alkalosis
    what is the difference?
    • barter---normal
    • primary aldosteronism
    • renin secreting tumor
    • diuretics
  39. study design with randomization to different intervention with additional study of 2 or more variables?
    factorial study design
  40. patient with pms or pmdd suggestive symptoms, next step?
    keep a diary and document 3 cycles of symptoms
  41. what increases the power an decreases the confidence interval.
    the sample size
  42. heavy menses, dysmenorrhea, enlarged uterus
  43. common causes for htn in young ppl
    • fibromuscular dysplasia
    • renal artery stenosis
    • conns
    • coarctation
    • pheo
    • cocaine
  44. high voltage on ekg
  45. side effect of theophylline toxicity
    • everything is up
    • cns---agittation, seizure
    • cvs--arrhythmias
    • gi--nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  46. decreased sensitivity around the wound, crepitus
    necrotizing fascitis
  47. pustules, tenosynovitis and migratory polyarthritis
  48. how to distinguish rotator cuff tendonitis(impigement) from other rotator cuff pathologies
    impingement--pain resolves with lidocaine injection
  49. cant lift arm over head
    pain relieved with lidocaine
    • adhesive capsulitis
    • impigment--rotator cuff tendonitis
    • rotator cuff tear-- weakness of arm
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