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  1. What is competition?
    (-/-) Use or defense of a resource by an individual which decreases the resource availability to others
  2. What are two conditions for competition?
    Anything that is consumed by an organism or that supports the increase of population growth rates
  3. What is the competitive exclusion principle?
    It states that two competing species cannot coexist forever on the same limiting resource
  4. What can competition be affected by?
  5. What is the () of predation and herbivory?
  6. What happened to the diversity of prey when the sea star was removed?
    It decreased because the star was eating the high competitors. The barnacles and mussels strived
  7. Mimicry is an antipredator defense. How does it work?
    One species looks like another that possesses an antipredator defense
  8. What is batesian mimicry?
    The mimic lacks defense of the organism it resembles
  9. What is mullerian mimicry-
    The mimic has the same protective defense with other species it mimics
  10. What is the () for disease?
  11. What is the () for mutualism?
  12. What is the () for commensalism?
  13. What is the () for amensalism?
  14. How can coevolution be seen in phylogenies?
    They can have matching branching patterns
  15. What is the annual rate of rainforest loss globally?
    Size of florida
  16. What are some causes of extinction?
    Habitat destruction, introduced species, Over exploitation, disruption of key specifics
  17. At what rate is do species go extinct?
    27,000 a year, 74 a day, 3 an hour. At that rate, 30% will be gone by 2100
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