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  1. done or said in a natural and often sudden way and without a lot of thought or planning
    • spontaneous adjective
    • ▪ spontaneous laughter
    • ▪ a spontaneous kiss/decision
    • ▪ The comment was completely spontaneous.

  2. a sweet liquid made from sugar and water
    • syrup 
    • She poured syrup all over her pancakes.
    • fruit syrups

  3. a French white wine with a lot of bubbles, drunk on special occasions
  4. the fact of not being where you are usually expected to be
    • absence
    • Lisa will be acting as manager in Phil's absence.

  5. a party where one or more people (usually girls) stay overnight at one person's house
    • slumber party (sleepover)
    • My 12-year-old daughter is having a slumber party tonight.
  6. to do something to show that you remember and respect someone important or an important event in the past
    • commemorate
    • Gathered all together in this church, we commemorate those who lost their lives in the war.

  7. a barrier (as of wood or wire) to prevent escape or entry or to mark a boundary
    • fence
    • We put up a fence around our yard.

  8. a large farm building for storing crops, or for keeping animals in
    • barn
    • a hay barn

  9. a special meal with large amounts of food and drink
    • feast noun
    • Every guest brought a different dish to the party, and we had quite a feast.

  10. an organized gathering of people who have not been together for a long time
    • reunion
    • We're having a family reunion next week.

  11. an agreement to marry someone
    • engagement
    • an engagement ring
    • She surprised everyone by breaking off her yearlong engagement.
  12. fling
  13. 抵押
  14. made or done with great care or with much detail : having many parts that are carefully arranged or planned
    • elaborate adjective
    • I see now that her behavior was all part of an elaborate plan/plot/scheme.
  15. to lessen the harmful effects of (something)
    • buffer verb
    • The wall buffers the noise of the traffic.
  16. a powerful or major influence or effect
    • impact noun, verb
    • The book had a huge impact when it first came out.

  17. a clear liquid that can make you drunk, also used as a solvent (= a substance that dissolves another) and infuel and medicines:
    • alcohol
    • cough medicine that contains alcohol
    • drinks that are high in alcohol

  18. a solid substance that consists of extremely small pieces, is soft and easy to divide, and often has the same shape as the container that it is in
    • powder
    • curry powder
    • The powder is made from the roots of the plant.

  19. a flat heavy cooking pan with a long handle[= frying pan]
  20. ;

  21. a type of shellfish that has a rough shell with two parts and that is eaten both cooked and raw
    • oyster
    • the world is your oyster used to tell someone that they can achieve whatever they want

  22. the strongly flavored root of a tropical plant that is used in cooking
    • ginger
    • The recipe calls for a teaspoon of ginger.
  23. cucumber

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