Chapter 16 Vocab

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  1. Assessment
    first step of the nursing process. activities required in the first step are data collection, validation, sorting, and documentation.
  2. Back- Channeling
    active listening technique that prompts a respondent to continue telling a story or describing a situation
  3. Close-ended Questions
    form of question that limits the respondents anser to one or two words
  4. Cue
    information that a nurse acquires through hearing, visual observations, touch and smell
  5. Database
    store or bank of information especcially in a form that can be processed by a computer
  6. Functional health patterns
    method for organizing assessment data based on the level of patient function in specific area
  7. Nursing Health History
    Data collected about a patients level of wellness, changes in life patterns, sociocultural role, and mental and emotional reactions to illness
  8. objective data
    information that can be observed by others.
  9. open ended questions
    question where respondent answers in more than one word
  10. Subjective Data
    information gathered from patient statements. the patients feelings and perceptions. not verified by another except by inference
  11. Validation
    act of confirming verifying or coroberating the accuracy of assessment data or the appropriateness of the care plan
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