Chapter 17 vocab

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  1. Actual Nursing Diagnosis
    judgement that is clinically validated by the presence of major defining characteristics
  2. Clinical Critera
    objective or subjective signs and symptoms, cluster of signs and symptoms, or risk factors
  3. Collaborative problem
    physiological complication that requires the nurse to use nursing and health care provider prescribed internevetion to maximize patient outcomes
  4. Data Cluster
    set of signs of symptomsthat are grouped together in logical order
  5. Defining Characteristics
    related signs and symptoms or clusters of data that support the nursing diagnosis
  6. Etiology
    study of all factors that may be involved in the development of a disease
  7. Health promotion
    activities such as routine exercise and good nutrition that helps platients maintain or enhance their present level of health and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases
  8. Medical Diagnosis
    formal statement of the disease entitty or illness made by the physician or health care provider
  9. NANDA international
    Norht American Nursing Diagnosis Association organized in 1973. it formally identifies, develops, and classifies nursing diagnosis
  10. Related Factor
    any condition or event that accompanies or is linked with the patients healt care problem
  11. Risk Nursing Diagnosis
    describes human responses to health conditions/life processes that may develop in a vulnerable individual, family, or community
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