Block 5 Immunology Concepts

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  1. Mechanism for T cell development and thymic education?
    • T cells migrate to thymus from bone.
    • First acquire CD 2 and 3 and retained
    • Positive selection then negative selection
    • 1-2% survive then leave with either CD4 or CD8
  2. Describe the 3 HSC lineages?
    • Lymphoid: B and T cells and NK cells (which are share common progenitor with T cells)
    • Myeloid: Granulocytes (eo, baso, neutro), monocytes (Dendrites, macrophages), mast cell
    • Erythroid: RBC, platelets (from megakaryocytes)
  3. peripheral lymphoid organs
    Spleen, LN, tonsils, peyer's patches, mucosa
  4. Humoral vs cellular immunity
    • Humoral - Ab mediated.
    • Cellular - CTLs, NK, PMN, Macrophage,
  5. CD2?
  6. TCR selection
    • beta, gamma and delta compete to be the first to produce a productive form
    • Beta has more chances because you only need the beta (as oppose to gamma AND delta) each chr has two chances to get a productive rearrangement
    • If GD is made then it leave the thymus
    • If B is made then there is a placeholder for A
    • There is a another chance for DG to come up while A is tried out.
  7. Positive vs negative selection
    • Positive selection is first where weak binding abTCRs against MHCs are killed off while moderate and tight binding ones are promoted
    • Negative selection is when moderate binding ones are promoted while tight binding ones are eliminated
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