Impression - Social Cog

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  1. Forming impressions (3)
    • Within first minute of meeting someone
    • rely on little info
    • people we have met and some we haven't
  2. Impression formation
    is what part of impression?
    • first concept of impression
    • verbal and non-verbal communication
  3. Verbal communications (2)
    what part of impression?
    • sematic: actual spoken words (eg someone telling you something/asking you something about yourself)
    • expressive: way spoken (tone/emphasis) 
    • impression formation concept of impression
  4. non-verbal communications (6)
    what part of impression?
    • physical characteristics (gender,height,weight)
    • face (facial expressions)
    • eye contact (yes = hostile, no = untrustworthy)
    • posture (open v closed)
    • gestures

    impression formation concept of impression
  5. Impression management (5)
    what part of impression?
    • people forming impression of us
    • present who we are to others
    • through verbal and non-verbal communication
    • impressions different depending on audience 
    • aims to make people like us

    second concept of impression
  6. define self-handicapping (3)

    what part of impression?
    • form of protecting ourselves through impression management
    • making excuses for why you present a less than desirable impression in an activity that you're about to do
    • occurs before do activity

    impression management
  7. two types of handicapping
    real handicapping: when something has actually happened that could potentially affect performance (illness)

    artificial handicapping: making an excuse for potential bad performance (lying about sleep)
  8. define Social comparisons 
    made of what?

    what part of impression?
    • gain self knowledge by comparing ourselves to others
    • 3 types

    third concept of impression
  9. Upward social comparisons

    what part of impression?
    • compare ourselves to those with better traits/ behaviours
    • motivate us to improve
    • risk aiming too high

    type of social comparison
  10. downward social comparisons:

    what part of impressions?
    • compare ourselves to less fortunate/less abilities
    • purpose: self-protect/self-advance

    type of social comparison
  11. linear social comparison

    what part of impressions:
    • compare to those with similar abilities
    • reassure ourselves about own abilities

    type of social impression
  12. 5 basic principles of impression formation
    • Evaluations are drawn from limited external information
    • Impressions are partly based on stereotypes held by perceiver 
    • First impressions are initially based on outward appearance cues
    • First impressions form a baseline for subsequent impressions and judgements
    • impressions consist of at least 3 different levels: physical, socio-cultural, psychological
  13. Name of attitudes that have both positive and negative aspect
  14. Ethics towards controversial topics (4)
    • respect opinions
    • neutral/respective language
    • anonymous info
    • info about unpopular info to others
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