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  1. According to the degree of control normally required, the controlled inventory item codesare ranked in what descending order?
    Classified, sensitive, pilferable, and unclassified
  2. All of the following missiles are tracked using the tactical missile reporting system exceptfor
  3. An electrical storm is considered "in the near vicinity" when it is within approximately howmany miles of the munitions storage area?
  4. As a journeyman, how many functional areas must you be certified on to be awarded the 7-skill level?
  5. As a trainee with a 3-skill level, how many functional areas must you be certified on to beawarded the 5-skill level?
  6. As an apprentice, before you can be awarded a 5-skill level, you must complete the 5-level career development course, meet the mandatory experience requirements, and
    have a minimum of 12 months in service as a 3-level and be recommended by his or hersupervisor for upgrade.
  7. Authority to direct the execution of an operation plan or concept of operations plan belongsto the
    National Command Authority.
  8. Classified items require the kind of protection that is
    In the interest of national security
  9. Each remark entered on an AFTO IMT 95, Significant Historical Data, is preceded by thedate of the inspection or maintenance action and suffixed with the name of the
    Organization making the entry
  10. Hazard class 1 of the Department of Defense hazard classification system has how manydivisions?
  11. How do you mark the boundary for a restricted area?
    Clearly with warning signs
  12. How many entry control points should be set up for each restricted area?
  13. How often are fire drills conducted within an explosive storage area?
  14. In reference to command and control issues, which munitions flight element serves as theunit control center for munitions activities?
  15. In reference to implementing an operation or munitions employment plan, which ordergives the combatant commander all essential execution planning information?
  16. In reference to implementing an operation or munitions employment plan, which orderinitiates developing a course of action?
  17. In reference to implementing an operation or munitions employment plan, which order isissued by the Secretary of Defense and directs the deployment and/or employment of forces?
  18. In reference to operational decontamination procedures, which item is issued in smallbooklets and when dipped in a suspected chemical, immediately changes color?
    M8 Paper
  19. In the Department of Defense hazard classification system, ammunition and explosiveshazard classes are further subdivided into divisions based on the
    Nature of the hazard and its potential for injury or damage
  20. In-progress inspections are required for operations that
    Include critical internal component connections
  21. It is essential that missile safety personnel are familiar with
    Range safety requirements
  22. Local written explosive operational procedures are required to be used when
    The operation is not covered in sufficient detail by other standard publications
  23. Long-life containers should survive at least how many trips?
  24. Management uses maintenance data collection information for all of the following purposesexcept to
    Generate weapon status reports
  25. On an AFTO Form 244, Industrial/Support Equipment Record, what symbol indicates thatan unsatisfactory condition exists on the support equipment or training equipment, but is noturgent or dangerous enough to justify removing the equipment from use?
    Red Diagonal (/)
  26. One substantial benefit of contamination avoidance is that it increases the
    Survivability of personal
  27. Performing duties in a critical personnel reliability program position normally requires
    Detailed technical knowledge of nuclear weapons systems
  28. Performing periodic functional testing on missiles falls under which of the maintenance levels?
  29. Reaching the 7-skill level signifies advancement from a journeyman to a
  30. Standards and procedures for protecting arms and munitions vary according to
    Risk category
  31. The basic tasks associated with day-to-day operations of munitions are handled by the
  32. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issues a warning or planning order when
    Circumstances indicate an imminent need to begin military operations
  33. The four security areas you normally come in contact with are controlled, national defense
    restricted, and close-in security
  34. The major goal of the Air Force nuclear weapons surety program is to achieve maximum
    Operational requirements
  35. The munitions systems superintendent is usually reserved for which grades?
    Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) and Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)
  36. The protection given to very-high-risk and high-risk items in storage is an alarmed facilityunless what other conditions exist?
    Facility is continuously manned, or under constant surveillance.
  37. The type of maintenance similar to performing a lube, oil, and filter change on your own automobile is known as what kind of maintenance?
  38. The war consumable distribution objective contains information on munitions anticipated to be expended during which of the following?
  39. Under which physical security protection level do F-16 fighters fall?
  40. Under which physical security protection level do nuclear weapons fall?
  41. Vehicles other than those in the actual process of being loaded or unloaded may not be parked closer than how many feet from an explosives storage area or facility?
  42. What are the categories of positions that fall under the personnel reliability program?
    Controlled and critical
  43. What are the first steps toward becoming a top manager of the munitions systems specialty?
    Complete basic training, be assigned to the career field, and complete technical school.
  44. What form does a supervisor use to document safety training?
    AF IMT 55
  45. What is the basic organizational unit in the Air Force?
  46. What is the intent of the "as low as reasonably achievable" concept?
    Reducing unnecessary radiation exposure
  47. What is the preferred method of protecting vehicles, equipment, and munitions stores from chemical contamination?
    indoor storage
  48. What technical order work package contains the illustrated parts breakdown?
  49. What type of maintenance includes compliance with immediate action time compliance technical orders?
  50. When developing a munitions employment plan, what is the most efficient way to gathering formation?
    Site Survey
  51. When handling items manually, what parts of the body are most likely to receive an injury?
    Hands and fingers
  52. When the automated system to document maintenance data (work orders) is not available,use the manual method by completing an
    AFTO IMT 349
  53. When using the "CORRECTIVE ACTION" block on AFTO IMT 244, Industrial/Support Equipment Record, how is an erroneous red dash or red diagonal entry corrected?
    Enter "Symbol entered in error, no discrepancy exists" and enter their minimum signature in the "CORRECTED BY" block
  54. Where can you find the description for each of the subdivisions of the 2W career field?
    Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory
  55. Where is the Utilization and Training Workshop normally held?
    Sheppard AFB.
  56. Which agency is the office of primary responsibility for the combat ammunition system(CAS) and munitions operations?
    Air staff
  57. Which agency maintains the AF's operational air-intercept missile and air-to-ground missile inventory?
  58. Which agency or organization develops command supplements or directives?
  59. Which agency reviews the availability and allocation forecast and develops a call-forward schedule according to mission planning, storage capacity, and munitions requirements?
  60. Which ammunition control point operates at the MAJCOM level?
  61. Which ammunition control point provides direct support to smaller geographic areas withinthe theater?
    Regional ammunition
  62. Which annex of an operations plan provides planners with the munitions requirements?
  63. Which career field subdivision is responsible for the overall maintenance of nuclearweapons, major components, and related equipment such as test and handling equipment?
    Nuclear Weapons.
  64. Which category is not a hazard associated with missile systems?
    Low pressure
  65. Which computer system software package is used to update missile records?
    Tactical missile reporting system
  66. Which element within the munitions flight develops munitions deployments plans in coordination with munitions supervision?
    Combat plans and mobility and trainning.
  67. Which element within the munitions flight inspects and maintains assigned non-powered munitions materiel handling equipment?
    Munitions support equipment maintenace.
  68. Which element within the munitions flight inspects and tests assigned missiles?
    Precision guided munitions maintenance
  69. Which element within the munitions flight plans and arranges the maintenance of live, inert,and dummy munitions and support equipment?
    Munitions Plans and scheduling element
  70. Which element within the munitions flight processes/certifies munitions residue from flightline and demilitarization operations for turn-in?
    Conventional munitions maintenance.
  71. Which element within the munitions flight works closely with weapons expeditors for all flightline support?
    Line delivery.
  72. Which explosive class/division includes items that burn vigorously and fires that aredifficult to put out?
  73. Which MAJCOM gives technical assistance to mishap investigation boards and implements corrective action involving materiel safety aspects of mishap reports?
  74. Which meeting is scheduled to revise or change the Career Field Education and Training Plan?
    Utilization and Training Workshop
  75. Which munitions pose a forward firing ordnance hazard?
  76. Which option is an operations indicator to operation security vulnerability?
    Unusual or increased trips and conferences by senior officials
  77. Which option is considered a communications indicator to operation security vulnerability?
    Call signs
  78. Which option is considered an administrative indicator to operation security vulnerability?
    Military orders
  79. Which organization has cradle-to-grave responsibility of a weapon system?
  80. Which organization manages the air superiority missiles logistics inventory?
  81. Which organization manages the technical order improvement program?
    Quality Assurance
  82. Which organization performs maintenance and repair on aircraft systems and components?
  83. Which plan is primarily developed for locations with a permanent Air Force presence and isfully developed by functional experts?
    In-Garrison Expeditionary Site
  84. Which plan is primarily developed for locations without a permanent Air Force presenceand may contain only the minimum data necessary to make initial bed down decisions?
    Expeditionary Site
  85. Which section of the Career Field Education and Training Plan Part II identifies the specialty training standard?
  86. Which section within the munitions flight maintains and delivers conventional munitions?
  87. Which security/control measure prevents unauthorized entry into a security area?
    Physical barriers
  88. Which situation identifies a condition that must be present for an operation security vulnerability to exist?
    There is a weakness that could reveal critical information
  89. Which statement is not one of the ways to reduce back injuries?
    Keep the load away from your body
  90. Which type of wing often provides functional support to a major command headquarters?
    Air Base
  91. Who appoints the munitions flight chief?
    Squadron Commander.
  92. Who authorizes entry into a restricted area?
  93. Who chairs the annual worldwide munitions managers' conference?
    Air Staff personnel.
  94. Who is responsible for developing the munitions employment plan?
    Munitions supervision personnel.
  95. Who must ensure good housekeeping practices, safety, security, and environmental control standards are enforced?
    Munitions section chiefs.
  96. Who must ensure key and lock custodians are appointed?
    Munitions supervision personnel.
  97. Who must ensure requirements for permanent covered bomb build areas, vehicle/aerospaceground equipment storage shelters, and covered munitions trailer holding areas are developed andconstructed?
    Munitions flight officers/chiefs
  98. Who must notify customers within 24 hours of suspended or restricted ammunition?
    The MASO
  99. Who serves as the office of primary responsibility for the overall management of the CareerĀ Field Education and Training Plan?
    Air Force career field manager.
  100. You should replenish bench stock items when the quantity is equal to or less than what percentage of the authorized quantity?
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