diabetes II

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  1. What is one function of insulin?
    increase protein synthesis
  2. which symptom is the patient speaking of when she says she is having an abnormal touch sensation?
  3. a diagnosis of Dia is made when: 1-3
    • 1. Fasting
    • Plasma Glucose level greater than 126 mg/dl on    separate occasions.


      2. Random blood glucose > 200 with classic symptoms.


    •   3. Oral glucose tolerance tests show that the
    • blood glucose       level at 2 hours is > 200 mg/dl.  This must be
    • confirmed     by a second test on another day.
  4. Which
    of the following tests is not used for a routine diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes?
  5. Which
    of the following patients would you want to avoid giving a Biguanide to?
    pt's with renal insufficiency
  6. ________
    insulin is the only form of insulin given intravenously.
  7. What
    is one of the most important nursing practices before beginning patient
    education for new onset Diabetes?
    background and readiness to learn
  8. Name
    a way that patients can remember to safely take their medications?
    obtain a pill box
  9. How
    is Diabetes diagnosed?
    • Two
    • separate fasting glucose measurements of 126 mg/dL or higher
  10. A
    deficiency in which of the following results in hyperglycemia?
  11. What
    is the Metabolic Syndrome?
    • Seen in
    • patients with the following cluster of abnormalities:
    • obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and
    • glucose intolerance
  12. Which
    of the following class of oral hypoglycemic medications can cause excessive
    Sulfonylureas (Glyburide, Glipizide)
  13. Impaired
    Fasting Glucose LEVELS
    • A
    • fasting glucose > 110 and < 126 mg/dl
  14. Impaired
    Glucose Tolerance LEVELS
    • 2-hour
    • glucose results from the OGTT that are > 140 and < 200 mg/dl
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