Ethernet/NIC/Physical/LAN addressing

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  1. What does MAC stand for?
    Media Access Control
  2. The Mac address is used for what?
    Used by switches to send frames to the proper destination.
  3. This address is a 48 Bit address and consists of hexadecimal values
    Mac address
  4. The MAC address has 2 parts. What are they?
    The OUI and the value not yet used by the particular vendor.
  5. What does OUI stand for?
    Organizationally Unique Identifer
  6. What does IEEE stand for?
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  7. What are the 5 diffrent names for a MAC Address?
    • Ethernet address
    • NIC (Network Interface Card) address
    • Physical address
    • LAN address 
    • BIA ( Burned in address)
  8. A MAC address that is "ALL-F's" is a ?
    Broadcast MAC Address
  9. This MAC address 1st half is always 01-00.5e. and the second half will fall in the range of 00-00-00 through 7F-FF-FF
    Multicast MAC address
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Ethernet/NIC/Physical/LAN addressing
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Ethernet NIC Physical LAN addressing

Ethernet/NIC/Physical/LAN addressing
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