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  1. Who is responsible for appointing qualified individuals to become certified munitions inspectors?
    Flight chiefs, or their equivalent
  2. What is the minimum skill level requirement to be a certified munitions inspector?
  3. Who, along with munitions control and munitions supervision, must inspectors immediately notify...
  4. Who has the responsibility to determine and assign the appropriate condition codes to munitions...
    The munitions inspector
  5. A combination of 5.56 mm ball and tracer packed together for field use would be given what...
    Functional Lot
  6. The presence of corrosion represents
    most metals have a tendency to return to a natural state.
  7. What type of corrosion is identified by damage where the surface is marked with lines but no...
  8. A defect that is likely to result in hazardous or unsafe conditions is classified as
    Critical defect
  9. A munitions item or component never intended or designed to contain explosive material is considered
    Nonexplosive items
  10. When you encounter a ballooned barrier bag, what document is followed for specific item instructions?
    specific item TO
  11. What term is used to conspicuously mark previously open hermetically sealed containers?
  12. Which sentence is not part of the general inspection procedures?
    Verify items have at least two months of shelf life remaining.
  13. If defects are found during a receiving inspection that place serviceability in question,which...
    Periodic inspection (PI)
  14. A shipping inspection is accomplished to ensure munitions are properly marked/labeled...
    transportation requirements
  15. Which inspection provides a high degree of confidence that the munitions have not beenadversely...
    Periodic inspections
  16. What type inspection is performed to ensure an item is suitable for its intended use...
    Pre-issue inspections
  17. Who is responsible for managing the installation’s storage monitoring inspection program?
    The senior munitions inspector
  18. Which response best describes condition code B?
    serviceable (issuable with qualification)
  19. Condition code C is best described as
    serviceable (priority issue)
  20. Which selection best describes condition code N?
    suspended (ammunition suitable for emergency combat use only)
  21. Munitions in what condition are tagged with DD Form 1574/1574–1 (yellow tag)?
  22. Which unserviceable item tag is used on munitions that are uneconomical to repair?
    DD Form 1577/1577–1, Unserviceable (condemned) tag
  23. Which AFTO IMT Form is used to update item lot history for units that do not elect directinput...
    AFTO IMT Form 102
  24. Which database must you update historical records in to allow the disposal of the AFTOIMT...
  25. What combat ammunition system (CAS) program displays condition and status of stockpileand...
    Asset Balance Inquiry
  26. Which is not an option within the turn-in process program?
    The Turn-in Process allows a user to process turn-ins. Once you have accessed the program....
  27. Who may authorize local disposal of unserviceable and non-repairable inert munitions valued...
  28. What type of report is used to identify a shipping related problem caused by the shipping activity?
    Supply Discrepancy Report
  29. The purpose of the SF Form 364, Report of Discrepancy (ROD), is to determine what type of...
    methods and conditions under which shipping (item) discrepancies and packaging discrepancies...
  30. Which of the following is an example of a packaging discrepancy?
    Packaging type discrepancies included are problems with preservation, packing, marking, and...
  31. Using the transportation discrepancy report (TDR), against whom are you identifying aproblem?
    These problems are attributable to the carrier
  32. Who submits a transportation discrepancy report (TDR)?
    the transportation officer
  33. What is used to report problems and defects, on military weapon systems, which are caused by...
    PQDRs are reports of problems and defects on military weapon systems, which were caused by...
  34. What form is used to report product quality deficiencies (PQDR)?
    (SF) 368, Product Quality Deficiency Report
  35. Which two inspections on inert and empty munitions items require you to use TO 11A–1–53?
    the shipping and pre issue inspections
  36. Which word is impressed and stenciled on items that have had their explosive material replaced...
  37. Which word is impressed and stenciled on items that have had their explosive material removed..
  38. Which option requires four holes, no smaller than ¼ inch, to be drilled 90° apart?
    items stock listed as explosive which have had their explosive material removed for training,1–25 display,...
  39. Which publication provides certifying guidance to inspectors of munitions residue and empty...
  40. The material remaining after a munitions item has had its explosive filler removed by...
    Munitions residue
  41. Where do you place the certificate of clearance after you inspect empty containers?
    outside ofthe container
  42. Which procedure is performed during the initial munitions inspection?
    visual inspection
  43. Who must be notified immediately when the documentation for an incoming shipment is missing...
    MUNS supt/munitions flight chief
  44. Any vehicle found to be in a hazardous condition is considered
  45. What publication is the governing directive of hazardous materials movement by militaryair?
    AFMAN 24–204, Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments
  46. As identified in AFMAN 24–204, Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Ai \r Shipments,...
    technical specialist
  47. Which organization regulates the movement of explosives by commercial aircraft?
  48. What governmental department regulates the transportation of explosives and other hazardous...
    US Coast Guard
  49. We know the method of stacking palletized munitions in the cargo hold of a vessel as
    Break-bulk shipment
  50. Which container is the choice for transporting munitions by an ocean-going vessel?
    20ft ISO
  51. The purpose of what United Nation (UN) specification is to keep hazardous materials inside containers...
    UN specification performance-oriented packaging (POP)
  52. The “Grandfather” clause applies to government owned goods packaged before
    1 January 1990
  53. If you do not have an original container, what can you use to have one built?
  54. Which form is a common document used for the shipment of munitions from army depots or contract facilities..
    DD Form 1149, Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document
  55. Who issues the competent approval authority, certification of equivalency, and interim hazard...
  56. When shipping MICAP, within how many hours of notification do you have to submit documentation...
  57. What is a munitions storage magazine?
    Munitions storage structures
  58. What two categories are earth-covered magazines divided into?
    Earth-covered magazines and Above ground magazines
  59. How does a standard earth-covered magazine (ECM) differ from a nonstandard ECM?
    Standard ECMs have reinforced concrete end walls.
  60. What is the most common type of munitions storage structure?
    The standard earth-covered, arch-type igloo (fig. 2–1) is the most common type
  61. Earth-covered magazines have a firebreak of how many feet around the ventilators?
  62. Which munitions storage structure is used to store small quantities of explosives and...
    Multicube magazines
  63. What type of facility is normally used to store only class/division 1.3 and 1.4 munitions?
    The claytile warehouse
  64. What is the most secure way of installing a hasp on the door of a munitions storage facility?
    The ideal and most secure way of installing a hasp is by welding
  65. To keep your locks operating, open and close them at least
    at least once a month.
  66. If a lock will not open, what type of lubricant is used after verifying the key way is...
    molybdenum disulfide lubricant
  67. When lubricating locks how often should you put grease or oil into the lock cylinder?
  68. The source document for explosives capacities and controls for each facility in a munitions storage...
    Site plan
  69. The maximum amount of explosives and the distance between them and other explosives,facilities,...
    Quality Distance
  70. The distance applied to any two explosives operating locations is
    Intraline distance
  71. For mass-detonating explosives, the public traffic route distance is based on what percentage...
  72. Properly constructed or natural barricades provide protection against
  73. Simultaneous propagation of an explosion between two adjacent explosives locations is unlikely.
  74. What type of barricade is used when protected storage facilities are built underground,...
  75. What type of barricades use a select cohesive earth fill, free from unhealthy organic
  76. What type of barricade is used for munitions on flight lines associated with aircraft parking/loading...
  77. What is the purpose of fire and chemical symbols?
    They inform emergency response forces of any hazards present
  78. Where is the fire symbol posted when all the munitions in a single storage area are covered by...
    Entry Control Point
  79. Where is the fire symbol posted when a multicube storage magazine is sited as a multicube versus...
    On each door
  80. Who is responsible for posting or changing the fire symbol?
    The person in charge of the operation
  81. Location designators for munitions consist of how many digits?
  82. In location designator 34A003C001E, what does the “A” represent?
    The designated bay within a warehouse
  83. In location designator 34A003C001E, “003” represents the
  84. What AF IMT form is used to document munitions movements from one location to another when...
    AF IMT 4331
  85. What is the explosive result expected from two different explosives that are compatible?
    They are expected to produce the same reaction if initiated.
  86. Which of these characteristics determine which explosives are grouped for compatibility?
    Chemical and physical properties.• Design characteristics.• Inner and outer packaging..
  87. Which is considered a general munitions warehousing principle?
    The stack limit of a specific munitions item is never exceeded
  88. How many lite boxes are allowed per stock/lot number and condition code in one base stock location?
  89. Where should the lite box be stored?
    on the top and to the front of thestack
  90. What regulation governs explosive safety standards?
    AFMAN 91–201
  91. Who makes a written agreement authorizing custody assets to be courtesy stored?
    The munitions storage area flight chief and the organizational commander
  92. How often are courtesy storage agreements reviewed?
  93. What storage method is the concept of storing enough munitions in a single igloo to provide the...
    Complete round storage
  94. What storage method was designed and tested to increase the explosive storage capacity...
    Buffered storage
  95. The weapon storage and security system (WS3) was designed to store and secure what specific...
    Special weapons storage
  96. Each weapon storage and security system (WS3) vault can store a maximum of how many weapon(s)?
  97. What weapon storage and security system (WS3) group provides communications and processing...
    Console Group
  98. What weapon storage and security system (WS3) group provides the operator at the monitoring...
    Monitor-indicator group
  99. What weapon storage and security system (WS3) group stores and transfers encryption keys and unlock-codes using portable modules
    Coder-transfer group
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