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  1. screenign for diabetes in pcos, test of choice
    2 hr glucose tolerance
  2. rx for akid with deafness in one ear
    sit in front of the class
  3. most important steps to reduce osteoporotic fractures?
  4. when do you start infusing potassium for dka
    when it reaches 3.0
  5. an aneurysm of what is common in pregnancy
    splenic artery
  6. best initial test for renal cancer
  7. when do you hospitalize infants for respiratory infections
    rr >60 or pao2 <60
  8. rx for a mother with prior transfundal myomectomy?
    c section
  9. tumors of the retina--gardners
    tumors in the brain--turcott
  10. itchy rash in an infant
  11. rx for an infant with adiaphragmatic hernia
    extracorporeal membrane
  12. once monthly injection contraception is given how often
    once monthly
  13. what kind of aminotransferase levels are seen in ischemic hepatitis?
    • ischemic--extremely high and noramlize
    • viral in the 1000"s
    • alcoholic--below 500
  14. what causes flail chest
    pulmonary contusion from broken ribs
  15. best initial test for pml?
    most accurate
    • mri
    • csf sample
  16. amblyopia causes strabismus or strabismus causes amblyopia
    strabismus causes amblyopia
  17. next step when wnating to excise renal cell carcinoma
    see if it is in the inferior vena cava or renal vein
  18. rx for placenta accreta
    • conservative in young women
    • hysterectomy in older women
  19. dysphagia equal for both solids and liquids
    solids then liquids
    • achalasia
    • cancer or stricutre
  20. fluids for hypotension that would also decrease cerebral edema
    7.5 % salin
  21. lh, fsh and testosterone in hypothalamic hypogonadism?
    normal lh, normal fsh , low testosterone

    testicular failure- low t, very high fsh and lh
  22. kidney stone that is 5 mm or smaller
    5 mm to 3 cm
    3cm and bigger
    • spontaneous passage with fluids
    • extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy

    surgical removal
  23. antibodies in type 1 diabetes
    anti-glutamic acid antibodies
  24. mysthenia gravis usually have what 2 associated tumors in the chest
    • thymoma
    • thyroid cancer
  25. contraindication to contraction stress test
    • classic c section
    • placenta previa
  26. neurotransmitter in ocd
  27. when is artificial rupture of membranes performed
    when the fetus is at a low position and to shorten the labor
  28. what reduces a right to left shunt
    nitric oxide
  29. a cause of different arterial oxygen saturation in the upper limb and lower limb
  30. 2 drugs that cause closure of pda
    • indomethacin
    • nitric oxide
  31. depigmentation of areas of the body that follows a sun burn
  32. most important pre-operative risk factor to control
    • blood pressure with bb
    • hematocrit at 30%
  33. rx for post streptococcal glomerulonephritis
    • antihypertensives--ace
    • salt restriction
    • penicillin to resist the spread of the bacteria
  34. two complications (deadly) of heat stroke
    • renal failure from myoglobin
    • DIC
  35. tachypnea, tachycardia, pleuritic sudden onset chest pain
    Pulmonary embolus
  36. what kind of electrolyte abnormality can cystic fibrosis pts present with
    metabolic, hypochloremic, hypokalemic alkalosis due to excessive sweating and fluid loss
  37. symptoms suggestive of pad, and abi is normal, next step
    exercise abi
  38. high calcium causes
    • constipation
    • kidney stones
    • psychiatric mood disorder
    • bone pain
  39. kidney stone + peylo, next step
    iv antibiotics + stone decompression
  40. when is symptomatic aneurysm not an emergency
    when there is inflammation around it on the ct
  41. rx for a benign teratoma
    immediate resection
  42. what vitamin excess can cause kidney stones
    vitamin c
  43. visualization of biliary tree when ercp cant be performed
  44. when can you not perform ercp
    with extensive gi tract surgery like a rho and y
  45. what procedure for ectopic pregnancy removal can predispose to another ectopic
  46. what is the cause for increased basal metabolic rate in burn patients
    cytokines and catecholamines
  47. cannon a wave in
    3rd degree heart block
  48. hyperactive reflexes, tachy
  49. bilobed neutrophills are seen in
    mds--myelodysplastic syndrome
  50. what deletion is seen with mds
  51. hiccups indicate what
    irriatation of phrenic nerve
  52. complication of post splenectomu
    subphrenic absscess
  53. dose of metro for trichomonas
    single dose
  54. blowout of the vertebral bodies causes what kind of sydnrome
    anterior cord syndrome
  55. hyperextension of the neck can produce what kind of syndrome
    central cord syndrome
  56. ataxia confusion ophtalmoplegia
    wernickes encephalopathy
  57. what insulin should be adjusted if morning glucose is high
    nightime nph
  58. murmurs at the left sternal border
    • ash
    • vsd
    • hocm
    • ar
    • pr
  59. rx for endometriosis
    • nsaids
    • danazol
    • leuprolide
  60. rx for shouulder dystocia
    • call for help
    • mcroberts maneuver--flex hips
  61. hemolytic jaundice in the newborn is due to what 2 causes
    • abo incompatibility
    • rh incompatibility
  62. cause of bullous impetigo
    staph---cephalexin is the rx
  63. euthyroid sick sydnrome
    • low t4
    • low tsh
    • normal t3
  64. most important risk factor for endometritis
    c section
  65. rx for metablic acidosis from loosing bicarb from the gi tract
    sodium bicarb
  66. flexion of 4th and 5ht fingers
    dupturyens contracture
  67. most common manifestation of sturge weber syndrome after a port wine stain
  68. tumor of the carotid body produces what
  69. blistering due to sun exposure which turns to fibrosis, cause
    porphyria cutanea tard---due to hep c or alcoholic
  70. causes of gush of fluid in a pregnant woman
    next step if urine incontinent and woman is in latent stage 1
    • urine, bacterial infection, semen
    •  reassure and instruct to come back if contractions increase
  71. best way to visualize ureters and kidney
    • ivp
    • cystoscopy
  72. most common cause of hypothyroid in the us?

    iodine deficiency
  73. most common malignant liver tumor in a kid <3 years?
    >3 years?
    • hepatoblastoma
    • hepatocellular carcinoma
  74. when do you do surgery for hemothorax?
    if blood draining is more than 1000mL
  75. how to differentiate between adrenal source of high cortisol vs pituitary
    • look at CRH and ACTH
    • or give high dose dexamethasonerx
  76. rx for ccb toxicity
  77. when is calcium given for emergencies
    • ccb
    • magensium toxicity
    • hyperkalemia
  78. best way to address heavy menstrual flow in a 40 + woman
  79. best surgical method to loose weight
    rhoux and y
  80. cavernous hemangioma may lead to
  81. wood grain appearance skin rash is secondary to what cancer
  82. two indications for ptca
    • st segment elevation
    • Left bundle branch block
  83. two indications for amnioinfusion
    • meconium stained amniotic fluid
    • persistent variable decelerations
  84. rx for intermittent explosive disorder
    • ssri
    • bbhig
  85. high pitched abdominal sounds + air in the biliary tree
    gallstone ileus
  86. rx for atopic dermatitis after steroids
  87. rx for both psoriasis and eczema
    • steroids for acute
    • tacrolims
  88. what is an adapalene
  89. first thing to look at in transplant failure
    vein and artery anastamosis
  90. retroverted uterus is a risk factor for
    uterine perforation
  91. rx for chronic rejection
    new transplant
  92. rifampin prophylaxis for young kids when
    if kids <4 years old and in contact with someone with tb or + ppd
  93. first clue to alzehimers
    prominent memory impairment
  94. rx for a small fecal fistula
  95. patients with risk factors going for vascular surgery should have what b4 surgery
    stress test and bb
  96. hsp occurs secondary to
    strep d
  97. drug to prevent gout or pseudogout
  98. thrombocytopenia and anemia in an elderly with recurrent infection
  99. medical rx for endometriosis
  100. what improves fertility in endometriosis
  101. diabetes sugar control improves with the same insulin dosage, cause
    renal function is worsening--insulin cannot be cleared
  102. inpatient rx for pid
    clindamycin  and gentamycin
  103. what are the aminotransferases in viral, ischemic, acetominophen, and alcoholic hepaits
    • viral--ALT/AST
    • ischemic--very high levels
    • acetominophen very high
    • alcoholic---AST/ALT 2:1
  104. which dermatophyte causes hair infection
    trichophyton t
  105. what causes uterine hyperstimulation
    oxytocin or prostaglandins
  106. a white pupil means two possibilities
    • cataract
    • retinoblastoma
  107. common complication after a vericocele
  108. difference between parkinsons vs lewy body dementia
    • parkinsons---movment + slight demenita
    • lewy body dementia---overt dementia
  109. resentfullness and blaming others is characteristic of what disorder
    oppositional defiant disorde
  110. for how large of a baby do you do c section
    more than 4500 grams
  111. excision size for a melanoma less than 1 mm in depth?
    2 mm
    • 1mm-- 1 cm
    • 2mm-- 3 cm
  112. stent of surgery for aaa
  113. the world/person or persons internal organs exist
    nihilistic delusion
  114. tumor in the retroperitoneum producing beta hcg and alpha feto protein is
    testicular carcinomawh
  115. what kind of skin infection does strep cause
    • erysipelas
    • impetigo

    everything else is staph
  116. microcephaly, maxillary hypoplasia, smooth filtrum are characteristics of abuse of what
  117. what two diseases can cause erythromyelgia
    • essential thrombosis
    • pcv
  118. rx for erythromyalgia
    aspirin to decrease prostaglandins
  119. when can you have irregular menses with hysterectomy
    if the hysterectomy is supracervical
  120. next step when symptoms of prostatitis present
    urine culture
  121. rx for colon cancer when it metastesizes and replaces more than 50% of the liver by mets
    palliative care
  122. supracondylar fracture of humerus has what compliations
    high incidence of neurovascular compromise
  123. best initial test for neurosyphilis
    most accurate
    • vdrl, fta-abs
    • most accurate is csf analysis
  124. rx for neurosyphilis
    IV penicillin
  125. fluid draining after hysterectomy?
    fistula from the bladder
  126. next step in management of popliteal aneurysm
    abdominal ct
  127. neonatal chlamydia pneumonia can present with eosinophilia
  128. most common tumor taht metastesizes to the thyroid
  129. what substances shoudl be withheld for dipyrimadole or adenosine nuclear stress test
    methylxanthine and other caffeins/theophylline
  130. rx for thyroid carcinoma
  131. cause of lymphoma in a immunocompromised patient
  132. rx for ductal carcinoma in site in multiple quadrants of breast
    total mastectomy
  133. empiric iv abx for a pt with fever and sickle cell
  134. a patient with hypospadias, next step in management
    ultrasound of urinary tract
  135. 2 immunodeficiencies taht cause eczema
    • jobs
    • wiscot aldrich
  136. agoraphobia
    fear of being in places that may be difficult to escape
  137. rx for optic glioma in neurofibromatosis if vision is not affected?
    if afected?
    • not affected--wait
    • affected--chemo
  138. cancer on the lower lip
    squamous cell carcinoma
  139. side effect of abdominal compartment syndomre and putting a mesh to slowly allow edema to subside
    large ventral hernia
  140. first line rx for gerd in babies
    thickening the feeds and elevation of head of the bead
  141. difference between gerd in babies and tracheoesophageal fistula
    tracheoesophageal fistual appears in the first days with vomiting 

    gerd appears somewhat later
  142. most common cause of lymphangitis in immunecompetent invdividuals?
    • immunocompetent---strep
    • immunocompromised---pseudomonas
  143. rx for mild dehydration?
    • mild---at home fluid replenishment
    • severe--normal saline
  144. cause of bullous impetigo?
    non bullous?
    • bullous---staph
    • non bullous--- strep
  145. score used to determine hepatic function
    discrimination score
  146. thyroglossal duct resection involves the removal of what bone
    hyoid bone
  147. what happens to fibrinogen intitially?
    it goes up but then it decreases
  148. bilateral parotid tumor in older man
    warthin tumorrx
  149. rx for wilsons
  150. infantile head bobbin, spasm is most commonly caused by
    tuberous sclerosis
  151. woman thats on heparin and goes into labor, next step
    stop heparin
  152. next best step when you cant do ercp to look at biliary ducts or peancreatic duct
  153. most important prognostic sign for liver
    prothrombin or INR time
  154. next step when a tap in a suspected gonoccocal arthritis is negative,
    swab rectal, urethra and oral for gonorrhea
  155. most common complications of diabetes in infants
    ones that develop earliest--vsd and togv
  156. do you need to give anesthesia for 3rd degree burns
  157. rx for sporotrichosis
    • potassium iodide
    • itraconazole
  158. rx for carcinoma of the vulva
  159. first step in management of a hemodynamically unstable patient
    • oxygen
    • iv access
  160. most senstitive indicator of nutritional status?
  161. when do you not have to get 3 blood pressure reading to initiate anti-hypertensives
    if there is end organ damage
  162. seizures and interictal slow spike waves
    lenoux gestat syndrome
  163. which score is used for allocation of liver
    • meld
    •  bilirubin
    • creatinine
  164. anti-proteinase 3 is seen in what vasculitis
  165. re-enactment of aggressive dreams is called
    rapid eye movement behavior disorder
  166. rx for grades 1-3 concussion
    • grade 1-- 20 minutes
    • grade 2--- 1 week
    • grade 3--- 1 month
  167. post surgical hematoma compressing airway, next step in management?
    evacuate the hematoma
  168. rx for a patient whoe blood pressure is not fully controlled with one drug
    increase the dose
  169. iv potassium, bolus or infusion?
  170. a pt with angina type of chest pain but currently does not have chest pain, next step
    exercise stress test
  171. best imaging test for pheo
    MIBG scan
  172. headache, precocious puberty, high beta hcg, dx?
  173. biopsy for melanoma
    wide excision
  174. pain at the hypothenar prominence, cause
    injury to hamate-ulnar nerve
  175. sore throat + silvery like skin rash
    guillete psoriasis
  176. most common testicular mass
  177. a perimenoupausal woman with irregular bleeding?
    endometrial biopsy
  178. prevention of seborheic dermatitis
    wash gently with shampoo
  179. next step when histological biopsy is not as severe as cytological test. ie pap smear
    cone biopsy
  180. rx for tinea versicolor
    seleniun sulfide
  181. side effect of tretinoin
    • high lipids
    • pregnangy problems
  182. diffuse goiter and normal TFT?
    • observation
    • biopsy
  183. when can subglottic stenosis occur
    due to edema from chronic intubation
  184. waxy papules on the forehead
    scaling papules on the forehead
    • seborheic keratosis
    • actinic keratosis
  185. intense itching but normal urinary porphyrin levels?
    erythropeoitn porphyria
  186. what is peculiar about the ph and hco3 in metabolic acidosis caused by aspirin overdose?
    the HCO3 is higher than expected for the pH
  187. abgs of copd exacerbation
    respiratory acidosis with metabolic compensation
  188. u waves are synonymous with
  189. urinary incontinence that has urge and stress parts to it is called
    detrussor hyperreflexia
  190. radial deviation of the wrist is due to ?
    colles fracture
  191. how long should zidouvidine be given to infants
    6 weeks
  192. rx for anticholinergic intoxication
  193. when is prazosin and finasteride used
    in normal sized prostate--prazosin

    in big prostates--finasteride
  194. rx for theophylline toxicity
    beta blockers
  195. test to check for heamthrosis of th eknee
    move patella posteriorly
  196. rx for ibs
    antidiarrheal--loperamide and stool softenenr
  197. rx for autoimmune hepatitis
  198. most common cause of recurrent abortions
  199. rx for dumping syndorme
    small meals
  200. patientw with tourettes can develop what other disorder
  201. what happens to hemoglobin in preeclmapsia
  202. myocardial contusion
    radionuclide angiography
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