Vascular Technology Review

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  1. The first major arterial branch of the aorta is:
    The innominate artery
  2. Which of the following arteries does NOT arise from the subclavian artery?
    -Superior Thyroid
    -Internal thoracic
    -thyrocervical trunk
    -internal mammary
    superior thyroid
  3. The angular artery is the terminal part of the:
    -Supraorbital artery
    -Infraorbital artery
    -Superficial temporal artery
    -Transverse facial artery
    -Facial artery
    -Facial artery

    the facial artery terminates as the angular artery
  4. the arterial pulsations felt in front of the ear and just above the zygomatic arch are from which artery?
    -transverse facial
    -superficial temporal
    -superficial temporal

    The superficial temporal is the terminal branch of the external carotid artery
  5. The common carotid artery divides into its external and internal branches usually at the level of the upper border of the:
    -thyroid cartilage
    -cricothyroid membrane
    -thyroid cartilage

    the common carotid artery usually bifurcates at the level of the thyroid cartilage
  6. What artery is usually the first branch of the external carotid artery?
    -inferior thyroid artery
    -superior thyroid artery
    -supraclavicular artery
    -facial artery
    -posterior auricular artery
    -superior thyroid artery
  7. Which of the following is not an artery is the circle of willis?
    -anterior cerebral artery
    -middle cerebral artery
    -anterior communicating artery
    -middle communicating artery
    -posterior communicating artery
    -middle communicating artery
  8. which of the following arteries arise(s) from the ECA?
    -superior thyroid artery
    -lingual artery
    -facial artery
    -ascending pharyngeal artery
    -all of the above
    -all of the above
  9. The prominence of the larynx is formed by the:
    -hyoid bone
    -thyroid cartilage
    -cricoid cartilage
    -thyroid gland
    -greater cornu
    -thyroid cartilage

    forms a prominence that is especially visible in tall, skinny males
  10. The vertebral artery usually arises from the:
    -subclavian artery
  11. The infraorbital artery is a terminal branch of the:
    -maxillary artery
    -facial artery
    -inferior alveolar artery
    -transverse facial artery
    -superficial temporal artery
    -the maxillary artery

    This creates a potential collateral pathway in the event of carotid obstruction.
  12. The vertebral arteries branch from the subclavian arteries to unite and form the:
    -Basilar artery
  13. The first intracranial branch of the internal carotid artery is the:
    -superficial temporal
    -middle cerebral
    -Opthalmic artery

    sometimes there is a branch called the caroticotympanic artery, the ophthalmic artery is regarded as the first major branch of the ICA
  14. the circle of willis receives its blood supply from whch combination of arteries?
    carotid and vertebral arteries
  15. the three terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery are the:
    -superficial, facial, frontal
    -nasal, frontal, supraorbital
    -basilar, anterior communicating, and posterior communicating
    - vertebral, facial, nasal
    -nasal frontal, facial
    Nasal, frontal, and supraorbital
  16. Two of the major branches of the external carotid arteries include the:
    -supraorbital and frontal
    -internal maxillary and ophthalmic
    -superficial temporal and facial
    -vertebral and internal maxillary
    -supraorbital and middle cerebral
    -superficial temporal and facial arteries

    the supraorbital, frontal, and ophthalmic arteries are all fed by internal carotid; vertebral artery is part of the posterior circulation.
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