Methods/ethics - Social Cog

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  1. Self report methods of investigation (3)
    • thurstone scale
    • likert scales
    • sematic differential
  2. Covert measures methods of investigations (3)
    • Psychological measures
    • The 'bogus pipeline'
    • Non-obtrusive measurement
  3. Ethics in social cog (4)
    • Fairness
    • Demand characteristics
    • Social desirability 
    • Debriefing
  4. Thurstone Scale (6)

    what type of method of investigation
    • statistically compares responses
    • statements arranged into categories
    • range between extremely favourable to extremely unfavourable
    • select statements with most inter-judge agreement
    • make up scale 
    • indicate agree or disagree

    self report method of investigation
  5. Likert Scales (2)

    What type of method of investigation
    • very popular - still used today
    • measures DEGREE of agreeableness

    • strongly disagree
    • disagree
    • neutral
    • agree
    • strongly agree

    self report method of investigation
  6. Sematic differential (6)

    what type of method of investigations
    • range of contrasting adjective pairs
    • 7 point rating scale
    • evaluation > good-bad, valuable-worthless
    • potency > strong-weak, heavy-light
    • activity > fast-slow, excitability-calm
    • participants often give socially desireable answers

    self report method of investigation
  7. Physiological measures (5)

    what type of method of investigation
    • measures automatic physiological reactions
    • blood pressure, heart-rate, perspiration > reaction to attitude
    • only measures strength, not direction 
    • EMG = more reliable - measures brain activity
    • EEG = more reliable

    covert measures
  8. The 'bogus pipeline'

    what type of method of investigation?
    • bogus lie-detector
    • participants told machine measures attitude but experimenter controls its reactions
    • fools participant into giving accurate attitude

    covert measures
  9. Non-obtrusive measurement

    what type of method of investigation
    • behaviour measurement
    • observed without participants knowledge
    • eliminates risk of socially desirable behaviour
    • presence of observer
    • can be unreliable

    covert measure
  10. Ethics: fairness (3)
    • treat participants fairly by informing them of potential harm
    • gaining agreement to participate in advance
    • if deception used, participants need to be provided with explanation
  11. Ethics: demand characteristics (1)
    subjects know how the researchers expect them to respond
  12. Ethics: Social desirability (1)
    Subjects respond in a way that they believe others will approve of and find socially desirable 
  13. Ethics: debriefing (4)
    • provides subject to raise concerns/ask questions
    • allows researcher to explain necessity for deception/apologise
    • researcher discuss purpose of study which enhances value
    • Allows researcher to identify negative effects from participating
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