CSCS chapter 15 (Anaerobic exercise prescription)

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  1. 3 foundational principles of Anaerobic Exercise Prescription.
    • Specificity
    • Overload
    • Progression

    lack of attention to any of these outcomes can lead to less than favorable outcomes or injury
  2. Specificity
    method whereby an athlete is trained in a specific manner to produce a specific adaptation or training outcome
  3. SAID
    "Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands"

    the type of demand placed on the body dictates the type of adaptation that will occur.

    movements that mimic movement patterns and speeds used during actual event increase the likelihood that muscles involved in the sport will be recruited
  4. Overload
    assigning a workout or training regime of greater intensity than the athlete is accustomed to.

    involves increases frequency, intensity, and/or volume of exercise among other details of training
  5. Progression
    for gains to continue to occur, the intensity of the training program must become progressively greater

    Promotes long term training benefits
  6. 7 step process in Program Design
    • 1 needs analysis
    • 2 exercise selection
    • 3 training frequency
    • 4 exercise order
    • 5 training load or repetitions
    • 6 volume
    • 7 rest periods
  7. 1st step in program design
    • Needs Analysis
    • A two stage process that includes an evaluation of the requirements and characteristics of the sport and an assessment of the athlete
  8. Evaluation of the the sport
    part of Needs Analysis
    • Determine unique characteristics of the sport
    • - movement patterns (muscles involved)
    • - Physiological Analysis (Power?, energy system used)
    • - Injury Analysis¬† (Pre-hab)
  9. Assessment of the athlete
    part of Needs Analysis
    • Evaluate training status
    • Physical testing and evaluation
    • Primary Goal Evaluation
  10. As an athlete progresses through the pre-season, in-season, and post-season _____
    all forms of training should gradually progress in an organized manner from generalized to sport specific
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