code of civil procedure test

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  1. the jurisdiction of a court of limited jurisdiction is
    $25,000 and less
  2. T or F
    the court may receive a verdict or discharge a jury on a judicial holiday
  3. the official reporter files the transcript with
    the clerk of the court
  4. upon recording a jury verdict in a criminal proceeding
    personal information regarding jurors shall be sealed
  5. the certified report of an official superior court reporter
    is prima facie evidence of proceedings
  6. a reporter who discloses sealed personal jury information
    may be guilty of a misdemeanor
  7. delivery of a transcript may be in computer readable form, but
    an original transcript shall be on paper
  8. T or F
    a rough draft transcript cannot be cited as the official transcript
  9. T or F
    if the reporter is to read back to the jury, counsel must be present
    • FALSE
    • counsel must be given notice
  10. deposition testimony shall be taken stenographically unless
    the parties agree otherwise
  11. with regard to the preservation of the reporter's deposition notes, the Code:
    specifies 8 years if no transcript is produced
  12. the moving party for an order compelling an answer shall lodge the transcript with the court not less than:
    5 days prior to hearing
  13. the official record of deposition testimony is the
    stenographic transcript
  14. a notification of changes in the deponent's deposition shall be
    mailed to all parties attending the deposition; notified in writing
  15. a letter making transcript changes is mailed by the deponent to the
    deposition officer
  16. the reporter must notify whom that the original transcript is available?
    deponent and all parties attending the deposition
  17. if the deponent does not contact the officer within the allotted period, the deposition
    has the same force and effect as though signed
  18. if the deponent expressly refuses to sign the deposition:
    the deposition has the same force and effect as though signed
  19. the deposition officer does not need to certify on the deposition that
    the deposition notice was served in a timely fashion
  20. the sealed envelope containing the deposition transcript must have on the outside
    the title of the action
  21. depositions of parties out of state to be used in this state
    may be taken in another state
  22. if the deposition officer receives a request for an expedited transcript from one party, he should
    make the transcript available to all parties at the same time
  23. any offer by the deposition officer to provide instant visual display of deposition testimony
    must be made to all parties in attendance
  24. any party requesting a rough draft transcript shall
    pay the reasonable cost for the service
  25. T or F
    the deponent may change his answers by a signed letter to the deposition officer
  26. T or F
    the procedures for taking oral depositions in California apply to depositions in california cases taken in another state
  27. T or F
    the deponent and all parties attending a deposition may agree to waive the signature of the deponent
  28. T or F
    an oath may be administered using the words "state" or "declare" in lieu of "swear"
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