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  1. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  2. dissonant
    harsh and disagreeable in sound
  3. advocate
    to speak in support of something
  4. hubris
    excessive pride
  5. fiasco
    a major disaster
  6. philanthropic
    donating to charity
  7. disdain
    a feeling of contempt
  8. resolve
    to decide, to bring into focus
  9. wield
    to handle
  10. rankle
    to cause persistent irritation
  11. aegis
    a protection
  12. advent
    a coming or an arrival
  13. shoddy
    inferior or cheap
  14. alleviate
    to reduce pain
  15. prone
    tending or likely to do something
  16. progeny
    children or descendants
  17. ethics
    the standards or rules governing proper conduct
  18. novel
    strikingly new
  19. plastic
    capable of being shaped or molded
  20. savor
    to taste or smell, esp with pleasure
  21. demote
    to reduce or lower in rank
  22. daunt
    to make afraid
  23. scathing
    very harsh in something
  24. rout
    an overwhelming defeat
  25. malign
    to talk badly of something or someone
  26. mimic
    to copy closely
  27. inadvertent
  28. beckon
    to signal or summon by nodding or waving
  29. bizarre
    very odd in manner
  30. resonant
    strong and deep in tone
  31. neologism
    a new word
  32. badger
    to nag
  33. libertine
    one who lives an immoral life
  34. prestige
    fame or importance based on reputation
  35. stifle
    to suffocate or smother
  36. articulate
    able to express oneself clearly
  37. grandiloquent
    using excessively fancy words
  38. trifle
    something that lacks significance or worth
  39. prospect
    the outlook for the future
  40. confer
    to consult
  41. conspicuous
    easy to notice
  42. deadlock
    a tie, standstill
  43. debilitated
    showing impairment of energy or strength
  44. douse
    to wet thoroughly
  45. predicament
    a troublesome ore embarrassing situation
  46. autonomy
  47. cognition
    the process of knowing
  48. catharsis
    purging of the emotions
  49. flourish
    to blossom
  50. elocution
    the art of public speaking, with attention to deilvery
  51. interlocutor
    someone who takes part in conversation
  52. tyranny
    arbitrary or unrestricted exercise of power
  53. hospitable
    friendly, kind
  54. melee
    a noisy, confused fight
  55. acrimony
    bitter, sharp hostility in speech or behavior
  56. martial
  57. fitfull
    ocurring in regular outbursts
  58. rapport
    concord, trustful relationship
  59. nihilism
    a belief that all moral or religious
  60. pejorative
    downgrading, demeaning
  61. chasten
    to correct by punishment or criticism
  62. officious
    interfering, trying to give unwarranted advice
  63. cataclysm
    a disastrous event
  64. mandate
    a command, an order
  65. colloquy
    conversation, esp. a formal one
  66. plausible
    appearing worthy of belief or trust
  67. demur
    to object, to disagree with something
  68. conviction
    a strong belief or opinion
  69. prowess
    superior skill or ability
  70. reproof
    an expression of disapproval
  71. crop
    to cut the ends off
  72. theology
    the study of the nature of god and religious truth
  73. own
    to admit. taking responsibility for one's own actions
  74. qualm
    a sudden feeling of sickness
  75. circumlocution
    an indirect or wordy way of expressing an idea
  76. lachrymose
    causing tears, weeping or inclined to weep
  77. start
    to move suddenly or involuntarily
  78. surly
    sullen and rude
  79. covet
    to desire strongly
  80. comport
    to conduct or behave oneself
  81. grapple
    to struggle with something
  82. awry
    away from the correct course
  83. pliant
    easily bent
  84. paean
    a song of joy
  85. tribulation
    great misery or distress
  86. fetter
    to confine, restrain, or keep down
  87. graphic
    described in vivid and explicit detail
  88. coerce
    to force by threat or intimidation
  89. contemplate
    to look at or think about carefully, to consider as a possibility
  90. auspicious
    marked by favorable circumstances
  91. comply
    to yield or act in accordance with requests
  92. abide
    to tolerate
  93. repugnant
    causing disgust or aversion
  94. depreciate
    to reduce in price or value
  95. desolate
    left alone
  96. hefty
  97. haunt
    to visit often or continually
  98. decadence
    a period of decline, as in morals
  99. disposition
  100. ultimatum
    a final demand or statement of terms
  101. humane
    kind, compassionate
  102. debacle
    an overwhelming defeat or failure
  103. contingent
    dependent on something uncertain
  104. speculate
    to form an idea without having complete evidence
  105. renege
    to fail to carry out a promise
  106. exact
    to demand and obtain by force
  107. exalt
    to raise in status or character
  108. distort
    to alter, to change into an unusual form
  109. efface
    to rub out, as from a surface
  110. torrent
    a swift-flowing stream, an uncontrolled outpouring
  111. quagmire
    wet, boggy ground; a difficult situation
  112. overt
    open, not hidden
  113. banish
    to drive away, to kick out
  114. meritocracy
    a system in which promotion is based on individual ability or achievement
  115. equilibrium
    a state of balance or equality between opposing forces
  116. smug
    showing offensive satisfaction with oneself
  117. bilk
    to swindle, to cheat
  118. authoritarian
    demanding unquestioning obedience
  119. conducive
    tending to bring about
  120. flora
    plants as a group, esp. as of a specified region or time
  121. squabble
    a noisy argument, esp. over an unimportant matter
  122. hedge
    to protect against possible loss by taking compensatory measures
  123. usurp
    to take over by force
  124. quandry
    a state of uncertainty
  125. infer
    to reason or conclude from evidence
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