Top words for the GRE

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    (noun) deviation from the normal, unusual
  2. Equivocal
    (adjective) doubtful, uncertain
  3. Lucid
    (adjective) evident, ovious
  4. Precipitate
    • (verb) hurry, speed
    • (adjective) fast, sudden, impulsive, initial
    • (noun) mass of coagulation
  5. Asssuage
    (verb) soothe, relieve
  6. erudite
    (adjective) well educated cultured
  7. Opaque
    (adjective) clouded, muddy
  8. Prodigal
    (adjective) indulgent, wasteful
  9. Enigma
    (noun) mystey
  10. Fervid
    (adj) passionate
  11. Placate
    (vrb) soothe, pacify
  12. Zeal
    (noun) enthusiasm
  13. Abstain
    (vrb) hold back from doing
  14. Audacious
    (adj) reckless, daring
  15. Desiccate
    (vrb) take moisture out of
  16. Gullible
    (adj) naive, trusting
  17. Laudable
    (adj) admirable
  18. Pedant
    (noun) person who makes others work hard
  19. Vacillate
    (verb) to go back and forth
  20. Adulterate
    (vrb) alter or debase, often for profit, pervert, pollute
  21. Capricious
    (adj) given to sudden behavior change.
  22. Engender
    to produce, cause, procreate, or give rise
  23. Homogeneous
    of the same kind or nature, essentially alike
  24. Loquacious
    characterized by excessive talk, talkative
  25. Pragmatic
    of or pertaining to a practical point of view, or practical considerations
  26. Volatile
    tending or threatening to break out into open violence
  27. Apathy
    absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
  28. Corroborate
    to make more certain, to confirm
  29. Ephemeral
    lasting a very short  time, short lived
  30. Laconic
    expressing much in few words, concise
  31. mitigate
    to  lessen in force or intensity
  32. Propriety
    rightness or justness, suitableeness
  33. Belie
    to show to be false; contradict
  34. quixotic
    foolishly idealistic
  35. myriad
    great number
  36. Derision
  37. Calumny
  38. opprobrious
    outrageously disgraceful or shameful
  39. fathom
    to penetrate to the truth of; comprehend, understand.
  40. apogee
    the highest and most distant point, climax
  41. impasse
    a situation or position from there is no escape, deadlock
  42. acrimony
    bitterness, animosity
  43. capitulate
    to surrender unconditionaly, to give up resistance, accede
  44. appease
    to calm, pacify or soothe
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