CPU's Characteristics

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  1. CPU Cache
    is a special high-speed memory that redueces the time the CPU takes to access data.

    using SRAM (static RAM)

    Cache is divided into levels: L1,L2,L3

    • level 1 Cache (L1):
    • -is the first one accessed by the CPU
    • -Fastest cache to be found 
    • -lowest latency 
    • -resides within the CPU core

    • Level 2 cache (L2):
    • accessed after L1 

    • Level 3 cache (L3):
    • -Most latency 
    • -Largest Cache
  2. Hyper-Threading 
    Also know as HT Teachnology
    -Enables a single CPU to accept and calculate two independent sets of instructions at the same time.

    -Only one CPU is present
  3. Virtualization
    -is the process of running on or more operating systems on the same computer.
  4. GPU Integrated Graphics
    -Graphics components in the CPU die
  5. Multicore Technologies
    -More than one physical processor core on one die
  6. Thermal Design power(TDP)
    • -it maximum power that the computer's cooling system needs to dissipate heat generated by the CPU
    • -is rated in watts
  7. Heat Sinks
    -is a block of metal made to sit right on top of the CPU, to help dissipates the heat of the CPU
  8. Thermal Compound 
    Also known as Thermal paste, Thermal interface material
    -Fill the tiny gaps and imperfections between the CPU and Heat Sink

    -Must reapply thermal compound whenever removing and re-installing a heat sink
  9. CPU Speed
    -refers to how many instructions the CPU can perform at a time.

    -Speed is determined by a system clock, created from a quartz oscillating crystal soldered directly to the motherboard.
  10. 32-bit CPU
    Known as x86
    -is limited to 4GB of RAM
  11. 64-bit CPU
    • -it can run 32-bit software 
    • -can address a default maximum of 265 trabytes of RAM
  12. PGA Pin Grid Array
    -pin on the CPU are places in the pinholes of he socket, and locked into place by a retaining arm 

    -use mosty by AMD
  13. LGA Land Grid Array 
    known as Socket T
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