French Leisure Verbs

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  1. danser
    to dance
  2. chanter
    to sing
  3. regarder
    to watch
  4. dîner
    to dine
  5. parler
    to speak
  6. terminer
    to end
  7. durer
    to last
  8. assister à un spectacle
    to go to a show
  9. gagner
    to win
  10. jouer à
    to play
  11. skier
    to ski
  12. étudier
    to study
  13. travailler
    to work
  14. nager
    to swim
  15. voyager
    to travel
  16. manger
    to eat
  17. commencer
    to begin
  18. perdre
    to lose
  19. voir
    to see
  20. courir
    to run
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